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Goddamn I really enjoyed this. Is there something similar?
Velvet Kiss is kinda similar. Don't look at its tags before you read it.
There's his other work, Nozomi x Kimio. It's still relatively new, but it's interesting so far.
Wasn't aware this was over already. It got boring towards the end though, I've got like 8 chapters left I believe. Might as well finish it now.
Yeah, I agree. Part of it was that I read the first 114 chapters in one sitting, then had to wait for the rest, but it felt like the middle to the last quarter was an emotional roller coaster, then the end kind of evened out and lazed its way along. I might have enjoyed it a bit more, but I still loved it. I initially read it for the bonerbait because thisismyfetish, but I just couldn't put it down. Going to check out Velvet Kiss as recommended, but from what I've seen there's just nothing like this. Nozomi x Kimio just doesn't have the same power. I think the character age and setting weaken it. Nozoki Ana's maturity is what sold it for me. It felt much more serious that high school romance.
velvet kiss or maybe I's

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