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Hi, /a/.

Are you guys doing anything with your waifu for Valentines? I posted this little piece last night and was hoping someone could help me with fine tuning the lyrics. I should have it done and sung by tomorrow.


Soft breaks the day when the sun begins to shine,
My eyes wake to see my beau, my darling, mine.
Her smile, warm and true,
Her lips, honey dew.
Steal from me a kiss my sweet waifu.

Can you not hear song birds
Greeting a good morning?
Gracing us with love's song,
Perched on trees they're adorning?

"Grieve no more!"
"At love's door!"

Alas! Such a life is but a dream in thine eyes!
Their lilting chirps are but a rue
Of my beau, my darling,
My waifu.

Through yonder shade 'neath the cherry blossom trees,
Pink petals caress the sky

(guided/swayed/uplifted/persuaded/possessed) by the breeze.
Their touch, lush and frail
Conform and unveil
A breathtaking form my heart knows too well

Take my hand, entice me
Embrace with all your being
Indulge in this small moment
Thy (essence/verve/breath/spirit/wind) surely fleeting.

(Aishiteru/my waifu)

Why cast such a somber face, my dear? I assure
Though thy spell fades, love lingers through
I'll dream of you tonight
My waifu
god what a faggot
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you dumb nigga beau means boyfriend

these lyrics are such shit
Don't let the naysayers get you down OP. Make sure you post the final product here when you're finished. I'm sure you'll do a bang-up job of it.
Would dear be better?

The ones in parentheses I'm not sure which to choose. Do you have an idea?
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I will pat her head and receive her chocolate. Afterwards I will prepare for White Day.

Beau is French for beautiful.
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It's /a/... If you didn't expect faggots what the hell do you think were here?
I think its sweet, and no one can help you with the lyrics. Whats sounds good to you will be what you're waifu enjoys the most
I hope you and you're waifu have a great Valentine's Day, anon.

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