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Have you seen the 2013 movie Aura: Maryuuinkoga Saigo no Tatakai? What looked like a generic fantasy anime at first glance turned out to be a bittersweet, at times uncomfortable story about conformism, bullying and the eight grader syndrome. Frankly, it's what I expected Chuunibyou S1's ending to be. It has music by Michiru Oshima, a cute Kana Hanazawa female lead and Jouji Nakata of all people. If you haven't seen the movie yet, I recommend you just download it and watch it without reading a plot synopsis.

I somehow don't remember anyone talking about this anime on /a/ and wanted to know what you think.
It was nice.
I enjoyed it.
It was a more serious and realistic (despite that structure she made at the end) approach to chuunis.

I'm glad Chuuni didn't end that way and went the romance route.
>Frankly, it's what I expected Chuunibyou S1's ending to be
Me too, but I guess they didn't dare ripping off the whole plot after ripping off the premise.
I'm only grabbing it because of this thread.
File: Spoiler Image (111.43 KB, 1920x1080)
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I'm still mad at this part.
>(despite that structure she made at the end)
Yeah, that was a bit out of place.

Enjoy it. I found the movie by complete accident after hitting BakaBT's random button.
>Chuunibyou LN

She was objectively the best girl and yeah, that part destroyed my heart. I wanted to protect her so badly. ;_;
>Aura LN
It was pretty good. A realistic take on the chuunibyou stuff is way more interesting and the bullying seemed like it was an actual scenario.
Also the main girl was so damn cute at the end (not that she wasn't throughout the movie).
I'm retarded.
Just as long as you didn't say KyoAni ripped it off. Last thing we need is this to turn into a KyoAni bashing thread.
>Just as long as you didn't say KyoAni ripped it off.
But they did. And pretty obviously.
Bakabt you say? They don't seem to have a torrent.

Somehow it looks like I downloaded this a few months ago without watching it.

Thanks OP.
I'd love if this would become a series instead of kyani chuu2.

The normalfag response to chuunibyou was somewhat more realistic fitting in the eat or be eaten school mechanic, also the bullying and the main girl actually developing some sort of growth other than back to retard square one was a nice landing for the ending.
>despite that structure she made at the end
How could she have made that in an afternoon without using magic? OK, we see earlier that the school is storing desks on the roof wrapped in tarpaulin, but her "temple" needed far, far more desks than that.
File: Spoiler Image (125.45 KB, 1920x1080)
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>Also the main girl was so damn cute at the end (not that she wasn't throughout the movie).

This was really unpleasant to watch.

Whoops, you're right. I got it here instead but I have no memories of how and why: http://www.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=477163
I liked the guy in the white uniform, comedy gold.
I found the fact she could fake her homeroom teacher's voice more disturbing.
Some people just have a gift for mimicry.
Also, I forgot to mention it shares much of the same staff as Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita including the original author, director, writers and studio.
My take on that scene was that you're not supposed to take it literally. The mc was in chuuni mode when he got to the roof, so it's probably just showing what the roof looked like from his perspective.
Wouldn't he have seen it as an actual temple though rather than just desks? You saw it from the POV of other people leaving the building too, they were all pretty amazed by it.

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