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These guys actually fared a lot better than I thought they would. They made some pretty bonehead moves, but in the end they did reasonably well against a heavily plot armored opponent.

Also, am I the only one that really couldn't stand Fabiola? That little shit just got more and more self righteous and irritating as time went on.
There's one other thing I've been wondering about: By the looks of it Roberta's career is pretty much over, and I don't mean as a maid, though that's pretty well fucked too. She lost a leg, an arm, most of the fingers on the one hand she has left, an eye, and seems to have significant trouble walking on her own so there might be some nerve damage too. Taking all this into account, isn't the FARC and the Colombian Cartel still kind of upset with her? If they know she's still alive, pretty sure they also know where she lives.

Now that she's out of commission that just leaves the preachy little brown girl, who doesn't seem to be on Roberta's level and fiercely ascribes to the "Kenshin/Vash School of Non(fatal)violence."

Given that FARC has members that are on Roberta's level, I foresee problems down the line.
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>He actually watched the butchered OVAs

In the manga she survives the whole ordeal practically unscathed and that's one of the changes from the manga I actually liked, the rest? Not so much.
>she survives the whole ordeal practically unscathed
Ugh, really? I almost wish I hadn't heard that. Ha, there goes what I said about plot armor. I hear she wiped out all but Caxton in the manga as well, as opposed to the anime where a good number of them survived albeit wounded. Butchered or not it was fun to watch, so I couldn't give two shits if it stayed 100% true to the source material.

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