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Are these banned now or something?

If not: backstory edition.
Here is the gigantic backstory timeline for a space opera series that I wrote way back in high school (blame two years of religious schooling and a whole lot of time spent playing vidya):

> The New Age of Man:
> In the not-so-distant future… (specific details chronicled elsewhere)
> WW3 – war breaks out between GCB (Global Communist Brotherhood) and UND (United Nations under Democracy). No corner of planet untouched. New military technologies devastate planet
> During WW3, Ir Hayim (Tree of Life) discovered in mid-Atlantic – regarded as biological anomaly, institution is disbanded before extensive research conducted
> WW3 continues for over a century, never officially ends – decimated governments lose power, conflicts shrink to smaller scale. Hundreds of millions starve, as much of the world’s natural resources have been devastated and self-sufficient nourishment technology (SUNT) in only elite circulation
> Global depression spawns near-universal revolution in religious thought – religious hierarchies around the world are uprooted in favor of new sects
> Global depression ends, as decrease in world population, perfection of SUNTs even out
> World Wide Web still exists - a relic of the past - though use is limited
> Small religious states are formed outside of the jurisdiction of waning remnants of former world powers
> New political States formed by social elites – worldwide feudal era begins; NWON (New World Order of Nations) formed
> Vast areas of planet uninhabitable; still-inhabitable areas become overpopulated over time, prompting many local genocides and renewed interest in space immigration technology among NWON
> The House of Adam is formed – six most influential religious sects collectively join hands under House of Adam, adapting respective belief systems into new religious order; sects still maintain specific traits while all are tied together by common beliefs under House flag
> Development of deep-space travel refined; in combination with SUNTs, technologies are used to create Space Immigration Programs; however, living in space colonies is still inherently risky as life (oxygen, food supply) is sustained almost exclusively by closed-circuit machinery
> NWON enacts Compulsory Immigration Standard, forcing the lower class and others in conflict with NWON “law” to relocate to space colonies. Religious states pressured particularly by NWON powers for mass deportations. Within the outer-space mass refugee communities, the millions in exile are harshly regulated by NWON deployments sent to “ensure the peace and wellbeing of outer-space colonials”. Though in the minority, the NWON Peacekeeping Colonial Regiments Collective (PCRC) maintains control of the vast refugee communities using force and manipulation; being far away from Earth, they have access to imported weaponry, supplies and information that they restrict from the refugees. The House of Adam becomes an underground organization, albeit one of great influence.
> Ir Hayim (Tree of Life) rediscovered. Not literally “tree” but unknown biological anomaly; Ir Hayim not carbon-based life-form, but rather sustains itself through means of a heretofore-unknown element, called “Mana” due to self-generating qualities. Mysterious element found to be source of massive levels of energy. Energy used to perfect wormhole technology, allowing far vaster magnitudes of space travel in micro-fractions of the time
> Inter-State conflicts over use and ownership of Ir Hayim resources escalate to full-scale war. Violence devastates world once more in beginning of WW4
> House of Adam creates resistance movement against NWON powers; House philosophers determine that the Time of Man is over; the M Project (referred to behind closed doors as The Messiah) founded to bring God to Earth
> WW4 conflict continues steadily; however, due to high birthrates world population decrease is only gradual
> After many decades of failed attempts, House of Adam creates CHRIST OF MAN, supercomputer to rule as Sovereign; however, House philosophers realize that AI is insufficient as engine for a God Among Men, able only to proceed along linear path
> Meanwhile, civilian communities around the world live under pressure and poverty - organized crime becomes a way of life for much of the world's youth
> In East-European cityscape, a powerful new syndicate emerges, led by a young man (achieved widespread recognition in only his late teens) named Shlomo Ellison - an unprecedented criminal genius who operates by means of both strict honor and ruthless efficiency.
> Meanwhile, elite group of scientists in service of former GCB powers, "Project Nirvana" complete development on top-secret weapon "SIDDHARTHA": an ultra-adaptable bio-organic suit, roughly the size of a standard human being (but adaptable, within boundaries), equipped with first-rate maneuverability technology, a hugely varied internal weapons arsenal, superior fiber-optic internal networking systems specialized for intrusion and hacking capabilities, and patented "Mystique Skin": named after the classical masterpiece of graphic literature X-Men (now required reading for individuals educated on literature and cultural history of the West), ultra-impenetrable body armor equipped with millions of nanoscopic hologram cameras controlled by internal CPU, allowing it to take on the appearance of any individual or object it can imagine, down to a meticulous level of detail. The skin has been perfected down to a molecular scale to perfectly balance both minimum density and maximum defense, and is resistant to all forms of attack including EMP and nuclear weaponry.
> SIDDHARTHA's ace in the hole, however, is that all of its superior technology is controlled by the ultimate artificial intelligence - a real human brain, tempered and rewired to control the bio-organic cybernetic network, without losing its quintessential human conciousness. The result of this is the most refined AI system known to man - "The Imperfect Machine", a sentient intelligence capable of recognizing its own errors and adapting accordingly - therefore making its capacity for information, adaptation and originality quite literally limitless. Costing quintillions of dollars and taking nearly a century in development, the SIDDHARTHA suit is the greatest military investment in human history - but in exchange, it is the most powerful weapon of war known to man. After completing the SIDDHARTHA suit, however, scientists are still lacking for one critical ingredient: A human brain deemed worthy of being the ultimate vehicle of SIDDHARTHA's CPU. In secrecy, NWON factions responsible for SIDDHARTHA begin a worldwide hunt for the "perfect man".
> Under scrutiny of his syndicate, Shlomo Ellison is narrowly captured by govt. forces. By mere coincidence, once in confinement analysts discover his exceptional mental capacities - and send word of their findings to the Nirvana Team. Nirvana team takes great interest, and (against his will) Ellison's brain is ultimately removed and used to power SIDDHARTHA. (It is officially reported that Ellison has been executed; his body is even "patched up" and photographed before being burned.)
> Ellison, reborn as SIDDHARTHA, is made to believe that he is an artificial intelligence, sheltered from the fact that he is operated by a human brain. He serves the NWON faction and brings countless victories to their cause, his existance all the while (at least for a time) remaining a closely-guarded secret.
> Over time SIDDHARTHA becomes privy to the truth, and deserts his army, causing panic and renewed strife within now-ruling NWON faction. He wanders the world unaffiliated and avoidant of combat, changing his name to Abekinal and mournfully witnessing firsthand the hopelessness of the human condition.
> As information on SIDDHARTHA is leaked, Philosopher-Scientists of the House of Adam – through illicit communications between the undercover branch that has managed to remain on Earth and the space colonies envision theory for ultimate CHRIST OF MAN, which they entitle Y’HO-YA. Incorporating both the expansiveness of AI through circuitry, but also designing the Imperfect Ultimate – also called the Soul - a living generator of consciousness generated and powered by pure Mana that would expand the capabilities of simulated human consciousness to levels of Divine Conciousness.
> Collaboration between Earth and Colony branches of House of Adam is uncovered by NWON, which begins a new campaign to further repress the organization. Most of the Earth branch is wiped out, and restrictions on living for the Colonial populations are vastly intensified, to the point that any and all contact with Earth is nearly impossible. Tracking the actions of the NWON and his former unit, this is where Abekinal first encounters the House of Adam, and meets some influential figure(s)
> Over time and many more wanderings, Abekinal returns to the Earth remnants of the House of Adam, and hesitantly agrees to help them fulfill their divine mission, himself searching for the answers to his great philosophical ultimatums. All remaining resources are pooled into what is hoped to be the final completion of the M Project
> Amid global chaos, army of M Project storms the Isle of Ir Hayim in unexpected blitzkrieg, temporarily driving off current occupying forces at heavy loss – Adam (and maybe a very small group of survivors) penetrate the Chamber of Ir-Hayim and instigate the final fusion of Adam and Ir-Hayim, creating the ultimate being Y’HO-YA.
> Y’HO-YA awakens. Mana-powered Soul expands consciousness to hyperactive levels, attaining Superdivine Consciousness. Upon awakening, the Superdivine experiences “erratic functioning” of an extreme nature as an unforeseen result of the first interface of Human and Divine. A wave of destruction is released upon the Earth, devastating all human life and destroying the cities and world built by men.
> The Isle of Ir Hayim, along with Y’HO-YA, rockets into the depths of space
> Having lost all contact with Earth, deep-space refugee colonies are thrown into unrest, though information is nonetheless carefully restrained from refugees.
I remember you from that one thread that one time.

It was too long to read then too.

Here's a good one:

>Goethe's: Faust!

If that's not good enough, then how about

>Goethe's: Faust!

There's not enough Faust recreations around.
> Space-borne Isle of Ir Hayim reaches the refugee colonies. The House of Adam publicly declares the arrival of their savior, and unrest in the colonies reaches its peak. Their contact with Earth severed and the chaos within the colonies threatening to overturn their control, the PCRC takes matters into its own hands. Under the leadership of the charismatic and commanding leader Benjamin Kain, the PCRC assumes the new name of the Legion of the New Generation (LNG) and reorganizes itself into a violent military regime. Under the harsh oppression of the LNG, the majority of remaining colonials gravitate under the wing of the House of Adam and finally declare all-out war. With the technological superiority of the LNG and the superior numbers and guerilla tactics of the House forces, this war, which will come to be known by later generations as the War of Genesis, is drawn out for thirty long, bloody years. At long last, however, the center of LNG power is shattered, and the House emerges victorious as the new presiding order of Mankind. All the information networks maintained by the LNG, and with them vast records of human history, disappear forever in the chaos.
>what is Madoka?
You don't have to read all of it, just up until you get bored I guess.
> Using the fueling power of Mana, the Church of Adam builds the Kingdom of Sefirot – an artificial solar system built around seven construct planets fashined in accordance with the Tree of Sefirot; manmade planets draw energy for civilization through Mana-powered systems, and human society is born anew in a kingdom of Church rule, dominated supremely – yet secretly – by the completed Y’HO-YA, directly powered and connected to Ir Hayim itself. These seven artificial planets and the massive force field that surrounds them, as well as the many mobile space stations and outposts in between, are known collectively as the Kingdom of Sefirot, the beating heart of human civilization in this bold new era. Scattered colonies, space stations, and colonial communities still exist outside the bounds of the Kingdom, and all together the planets and spacial zones which see host to human life comprise the Human Domain. With the establishment of the Kingdom, the Church of Adam also creates the Twelve Tribes of the Kingdom. Citizens are divided by Earth heritage and overall genetic characteristics. Those who refuse absorption into a Tribe are banished from the Kingdom. In the early years of the Kingdom of Sefirot, the Tribes are all faithful arms of the Church. The varying Tribes also assume different roles in the economy and maintenance of the Kingdom. The progress of the Kingdom is guided by the divine presence of the Son of GOD, the omniscient Y’HO’YA.

Just because there are contracts over souls with mystical creatures in it does not mean it has anything to do with Goethe's Faust, faggot.
>direct references in the background runes
From here on out I think some history/plot points aren't fully fleshed out, so they have titles but no details.
> Several centuries after the establishment of the Kingdom, the Son of GOD gradually goes silent.
> The First Dissension:
> Over time, the Tribes increasingly become separate entities from each other and from the Church. Occasional skirmishes break out between them, but these are usually quelled in due time. Bandits, pirates, criminals and extremist groups still exist outside of direct Church dominion, and thus the use, trade and development of weapons never becomes obsolete. Relations between Tribes fluctuate; periods of peace and aggression each come in passing. Even during times of peace, however, rivalries simmer beneath the surface, and hiding amongst the activities of the aforementioned rogues, sometimes manifest themselves as black ops – assassinations, sabotages, etc. – carried out against one another.
> Over time, the Son of GOD gradually becomes known as simply GOD. No differentiation is made between the terms.
> The Golems:
> Living in completely artificial environments, humanity all but forgets about the existence and relevance of nature; animals, plants and organic material become extremely rare and coveted appearances within the society established by the Kingdom of Sefirot. To many, their existence – and even the very existence of the Earth, the fabled “Promised Land” – has become merely a matter of fairy tales and ancient legend.
> The Fate of Earth: Meanwhile, the ruined remains of Earth, left in shambles by centuries of war culminating in the apocalyptic awakening of Y’HO-YA, have remained untouched for over 4,000 years, whilst the human race has re-established itself in the Kingdom of Sefirot upon the outer reaches of space. In that time, however, the remnants of nature have begun to reclaim the planet that was once theirs. With vast portions of the planet’s surface covered in radiation from the remains of human weapons and technology, and ever since catastrophe of the Awakening has also been blanketed in the essence of Ir Chayim – the essence of life itself. What’s more, very small portions of humanity still survived on the planet. Stubbornly continuing to survive for generation after generation on their barren, desolate planet, the humans gradually became more and more in tune with the planet itself and the ways of nature.
In their miniscule numbers and in such a harsh and unforgiving environment, the notions of language, society and culture that the human race had developed over thousands of years of psychological evolution began to fade into obsolescence in a new world where survival of the fittest, in the most literal sense, became the new order of the day. All life on Earth was on the verge of extinction. Only the strongest organisms, possessing the abilities most essential for survival, lived to pass on their genes to forthcoming generations. Only the most elite genes persevered – one weak generation could lead to total annihilation from the gene pool. In fact, the continued survival of the humans of Earth may not have been possible were it not for the myriad of potent mutagens now present in the Earth’s atmosphere. Their presence induced drastically accelerated mutations in the human gene pool – extreme mutations, unlike any seen before, and at a rate never before known to life on Earth. The few remaining species of organism left on Earth grew closer together, many developing symbiotic relationships to ensure their continued survival in the barren world.
> Only a few hundred generations after the initial devastation of the planet, the organisms of Earth – and humans foremost – had evolved into lifeforms that their distant ancestors would have found unrecognizable. As humans became increasingly attuned to the collective forces of nature, they developed forms of telepathic thought and communication with other organisms – forms of communication and a state of being that transcended both instinct and intellect. Indeed, the very concept of words, or the concept of the individual itself, ceased to exist, and with it all traces of language, society, art, technology and any form of intellectual thought disappeared from the human species. Under the influence of this reborn humanity, the various organisms of Earth gradually became increasingly symbiotic in nature, until eventually all organisms on the planet once known as Earth started to function almost as one macrocosmic organism, living, breathing, and being all in time with the pulse of the planet itself. In time, this organism collective broke free of the boundaries of their planet, and started expanding their existence to other worlds, with biological organisms developing that could transport humans and other beings as they traversed through the depths of space. But, back in the Human Domain…
> The Purification: Attempting to crack down on Tribal violence, the Church launches a campaign to instead “purify” the Human Domain of the cultures and communities outside the Kingdom, leading to many genocides and acts of savagery;
> The “Demon” Attacks: Surprise attacks are reported on territories outside the Kingdom by unidentified forces. The mysterious attackers do not use any identifiable weaponry of the Human Domain, and traces of them can hardly be found. Amidst flares of Tribal violence, however, these incidents are hardly known to the public.
> Seeds of Rebellion:
> It is, for the most part, a time of peace. The Human Domain has for many years been untouched by war or major incidents of violence, and most people go about their lives with satisfaction. But it is not a perfect peace. Though the Tribes are at peace, prejudices still simmer under the surface of society. On society’s underground, unsettling rumors are beginning to spread… rumors about strange new applications of Mana technology, experiments conducted by the Church, and of a mysterious “Lost Tribe”… of a shadowy, invisible organization plotting against the powers of the Church. The Church itself, meanwhile, has begun a new public campaign to reclaim “The Promised Land”, proclaiming that the imperfections of the Kingdom of Sefirot will be annulled when their holy mission is completed. They declare that they must find their New Messiah, who will lead them into a new, final era of mankind, this time with no flaws, this time, a true Eden. True to her father’s dying wish, one girl with unusual psychic qualities sets out with to make a pilgrimage to the cores of all ten Sefirot, hoping to discover who she is and what her powers mean. One boy, an orphan of slightly unusual qualities, raised among the outlying colonies and trained in the ancient arts of fighting, joins a ragtag crew of bandits to scrape out a living on the fringe of society. These two are destined to cross paths, and what will become of them will alter the course of human history. Here… OUR STORY BEGINS.
...okay that's it.

There are unfinished character profiles too but I doubt anyone's stuck with it for this long anyhow.
But Faust was motivated by the desire for absolute knowledge of the universe, not to make his tween-girl wish come true.
>a man cursed with immortality is tricked into escorting a young woman of great beauty on his journey cross-country in a fantasy world
>he is chasing a lead on the god who cursed him to live forever
>she is tight lipped about her destination but he surmises that she is tracking down a man who had done her wrong recently

>their back stories are revealed at one helping per episode

>a thousand years ago the MC spurned a goddess who was in love with him because he already had another, out of spite she killed the MC's lover and cursed the MC to an eternity
>she is a goddess who has had her powers stolen by a being equivalent to a fallen angel who has named itself a god of war and begun interfering in the human world
>TWEEST she is NOT the goddess who cursed the MC to his eternity, but she knows who did it

>they fall in love and fight bad guys and suffer and all that jazz

>she wants to keep him alive, and he just wants to rest
>in the end she lets him die and have his peace even though it means she will be without him forevermore


Suffering, suffering, suffering, fantasy, action/adventure, suffering.
File: Cancer.jpg (47.73 KB, 469x437)
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47.73 KB JPG
Story begins with a car crash. Family of 4, all but one dies, and the survivor is a young girl near death.

She gets taken in by a secret organization and rebuilt as a transforming cyborg. The organization tells her that her father was really a bad-ass Interpol Black ops agent, and the car crash was no accident, and was set up by a ruthless killer.

She is tasked with hunting down and possibly killing this mad man, only each time shes about to catch or kill him he escapes, and to make things worse, everyones scared shitless of her. .

Turns out, as the girl will slowly realize, the organization is really EVIL, and fabricated the entire story to get her to kill targets they want dead. Her family's death was nothing more than a coincidence that the group exploited. There was no ruthless killer. Just a drunk.

...And I was really happy with this till I realize this is pretty much Gunslinger Girls mixed with Kamen Rider.
The power to send particles back in time is discovered. This is used to create devices called "paradox switches". They come in all different forms and functions, but share one thing in common: they are operated using only two buttons. The first button calls for random numbers to be generated using quantum mechanics, and those numbers determine the behavior of the device afterwards. The second button sends a signal back in time to disable the first button.

If the random result produced by the device is not desirable, the user presses the second button. This would create a paradox, but it never does because possibility of that button being pressed alters probability so that the device will never behave in a way that is unsatisfactory. The duration of any action produced by a paradox switch is limited to how far it can send the signal back in time.

The world is in chaos because the existence of this technology has made every password useless.

Last boss is a bishie who used a paradox switch body reconstructor to become Jesus. He's trying to create a weather control switch with a massive time frame so he can reform the entire world into a utopia with subtle pushes from nature over decades. He succeeds and thousands die as a result.
The world is set 500 years into the future. Over the course of history man has developed and advanced their society to the extreme to the point where they consumed all of the Earth's natural resources. Now that humanity have little to no materials to work with, they decided as a whole that the best option for everyone use the last of humanity's resources to build a spaceship (and several teleporters) which was to go a new moon that has been circling the Earth for the past 50 years.

When the new moon was first located, scientists saw that it contained natural resources that humanity would be able to acquire and use for their own purposes. But because of political issues on who should have the right to gather the materials, everyone came to the unanimous decision that no individual nation was to seek out the comet and collect its goods for their own personal use. However since now was a time of emergency for all nations, they pooled the last of their resources and the most competent national team together to head out to the new moon to place several teleporters which will link the Earth and new moon together, allowing people to collect the resources it needs in a timely fashion.

Our protagonists are the brightest minds their each nation has to offer, they understand the peril the Earth is in and all have agreed to put aside their differences in order to complete their mission with great success. There is no single MC in this story, each person gets their part told, explaining how they feel and the current state of their country.

Story ends with half the crew dead and the rest traumatized. In addition countries begin to scheme on how they can maximize resource collection for their own use. It's implied at the end that the new moon was a planet similar to Earth that consumed all it's resources and attempted to launch the planet itself into the sun but stopped when they ran out of fuel and were pulled into Earth's gravity.
Pride and Prejudice: the anime
cute girls wearing cute dresses of the era

all characters but Mr. Bennett are girls

yuri antics ensue
>It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single cute girl in possession of a good fort/u/ne must be in want of a wife.
it would be a masterpiece of all ages

but who would do it?
Being the sole survivor of an automobile accident, where he witnesses his wife’s death, a Widower lives a secluded life, until he finds a strange device. After days of tampering, the device streams a live video of a person – his wife. At first, the Widower is shocked that his wife is alive but soon expresses delight in her survival.

The Widower asks a series of questions: where is she now, when can he visit her and how did she survive? His wife asks him if this is some kind of cruel joke. Instead of expressing joy at his appearance, she is terrified and is nearly in tears. She personally witness him die in an automobile accident, as she believed she was the only survivor of the crash.

Shocked at this revelation, the Widower shares his side of their story. They investigate each of their claims, eventually realizing the devices they found are communicating with each other through alternate realities. The image they see of one other is the same location but without the other’s presence.

Despite unable to visit each other, the young couple pursue a relationship, healing their shattered lives from their separation and repairing their bond. However, as time passes, communication problems arise; their devices are losing power each passing day, recognizing their time with each other will be at an end soon.

The story focuses on the closure of a romantic bond and the acceptance of separation.
that sounds like a really touching version of "Awake" that doesn't suck.
cute milfs doing cute things, only with regular flashbacks of them as cute girls doing cute things. Everybody wins.
>the acceptance of separation

Nope, fuck you.

The story isn't bad at all, but we get more than enough faggots preaching about "letting go" in any media as is and I'm completely sick of it.

Let's get some escapism up in this bitch.
File: 1360569825033.jpg (470.14 KB, 936x936)
470.14 KB
470.14 KB JPG
>Fantasy setting

>Displaced butcher leaves him home city with a dream of conquering the world
>Comes across the War God and is challenged to a trial by arms
>Outwits the God, the god is now his companion
>they travel together creating a warband
>from that warband he creates a close group of friends
>his warband eventually turns into an army
>lots political intrigue
>gets the point where he nearly control the known world
>about to enter the throne room to take his throne
>suddenly gets stabbed in the back
>by none other than his War God
>the god has taken the form of a beautiful, teary eyes and stained with the blood of his companion
>she carries him outside to let him watch his empire fall apart into chaos
>"I had a good time, friend."
beautiful maiden*
thanks anon I spilled my milk
why the fuck is he butcher?
how the fuck does he out wit a god?
why the fuck would he have a warband when can't fight?
why the fuck would a god of war take the form of a beautiful maiden?
Is it gay to have sex with a man if you're currently in the form of a woman?
Deities don't really have genders.
File: 35256262.jpg (21.84 KB, 250x296)
21.84 KB
21.84 KB JPG
>that pic
The Christianic God does. Try telling a Christian that God might be a woman and they'll stab you in the neck.
>three cute MC's and one DJ doing cute things
File: 1267773681317.jpg (51.72 KB, 898x348)
51.72 KB
51.72 KB JPG
>Humanity's struggle for survival ends with false hope. Greed ends up killing sentient life.
>A couple who are finally able to bond and renew their relationship even without each other's actual presence, must learn to cope to live without each other despite knowing they continue to exist in another reality.

God, these are really depressing stories.
This is so bad, anon. Had a laugh, though. Best of luck with it all.

The Holy Trinity is still genderless, they'd stab you in the neck for saying that not because you said God was a woman, but because you said God was a mortal.
It sounds like you want an anime about Alexander the Great, but with less gay sex and more mythological shit.
>"I had a good time, friend."

NONONONONONONONON it can't end like that! What was the point in the whole show if it ends like that!
>ctrl-f "deus ex machina"
>0 results

Wow are you faggots even trying?

Sometimes it's about the ride, anon.
>ctrl-f dues ex machina
>ctrl-f NATURE of LOVE
>crtl-f Power of friendship
It's like you guys don't know how to write what sells.
Backstory edition?

>MC gets brought back to life by tsundere necromancer as an undead slave.
>Treated like crap.
>Has no memories of when he was alive, and she's holding back information.
>MC eventually figures out she was his wife and he may have cheated on her.
>Must piece together clues to determine whether his death was murder or suicide.

Probably 6-12 episodes.
>A chronomancer must create a group of legendary heroes to defeat the ultimate evil by going through time and giving them the most tragic backstories possible
>MC moves to a new town and starts at a new school
>(un)fortunately for the MC his last name is the same as that of a large, well known yakuza family in the area
>this is played for laughs at first, with students assuming that he's the heir to the family and the MC plays along more out of bad luck than anything else, with no one giving him a chance to explain that it's a coincidence
>eventually the yakuza get word that there's someone new in town and he's supposedly part of their family, and they send guys to pick him up
>misunderstandings continue when he's brought before the boss of the family in the town, and in order to keep himself from being killed for impersonating a family member, the MC has to pretend that he really is a part of the mob
>through sheer luck he manages to satisfy their questions about how he is related to them and they welcome him as one of their own
>as the show goes on, he becomes more involved in the yakuza operations and ends up being the thing he was only pretending to be

>the family is tightly woven into the fabric of the town where they are thought of more highly than government and police both
>as such, he earns a great deal of respect (rather than scorn) for being a gang member
>but when corrupt cops decide that the mob hasn't been paying them enough, they try to bring down the family that has lined their pockets and replace them with one they can control
>using underhanded and downright illegal tactics, the police fabricate evidence, pose as yakuza and perpetrate crimes, and do a myriad of other things to spoil the yakuza in the eyes of the townfolk

>despite the fact that he is pretending, and despite the fact that the MC doesn't really have much good to say about gang members, he finds himself oddly attached to his new town and his new 'family', and wholeheartedly takes up their quest to keep the town peaceful, even dirtying his own hands to protect the people who look up to the mob for help
>>Has no memories
Way to take the easy way out.
>yakuza wars

>between a large number of stray cats in a sleepy sea-side village
File: 1352351500382.png (621.84 KB, 624x1465)
621.84 KB
621.84 KB PNG
How so? The point would be figuring out who killed him and why she brought him back. Kinda hard to have a mystery if he already knows all that.
Backstory, please, sleepy seaside villages are my favorite.
Fund it.

It's a story about cats being gangsters. I don't have any more than that.
>backstory edition

The two families are run by ex-lover cats who fell out over some infidelity and their feud turned into all-out gang war once all the cats in town took sides. They fight over turf and run protection for various animals.

Told from the POV of several cats, but also one young girl who seems to be the only one noticing the cats in town acting strangely.
Yakuza is more than just gangsters, it's family. It's about the bonds between men and the loyalty (or lack thereof) and the badassery as well as the sadder sides of being in the Yazuka. Don't make this a comedy, make it at least a drama or something.
>first day of school
>mc woken up by generic harem
>parents cry and wish him luck
>everyone at school talks exceedingly loud, or talks weirdly, but it doesn't matter since it's an anime, and everyone does that shit to begin with
>class begins
>typical harem hijinks ensue
>school ends, MC and harem go to dorm
>mc and group confronted by woman in the lobby
>turns out she's his assigned psychiatrist
>harem doesn't exist, just an auditory and visual hallucination to help cope with childhood trauma
This character risnt even the main one, as the story shes in is basically Masked Rider but 'MURRICA. She'd keep the same backstory, but she wouldn't catch on to the groups plans till the MC shows up

MC just a collage senior kidnapped by NOTSHOCKER (As in its not Shocker... but fuck I might use that name for the lack of subtlety) and must now deal with his new life as a cyborg killing machine. every episode he'd be hunted by a diffrent NOTSHOCKER minion modeled after the classic Kaijin, each one making him question his choices, and role as a supposed "Hero"

The girls costume would be a.... bee, but I dont know how I want to handle this.The idealism in me wants to go with the "happy" route, and have the MC take her in, and help her cope with her new life as a cyborg, but if I want any "Art cred" The main character is going to kill her in an overly dramatic fashion, sending him into a fit of depression which he barely escapes.
Forgot to mention that everyone at the school are all equally fucked up. Deals with the interaction between other students and their past, along MC coming to terms with his blocked out trauma.
4/6 of those panels are from a movie I've forgotten the name of. The guy has to kill all his personified emotional problems. Turns out he was just a personified problem himself and gets killed by the true MC.
That's the point. What's the point in making cats yakuza if it isn't a serious drama?
I'd watch a completely serious drama about cats protecting their turfs and ganging up to take down rival gangs.
B-but he called them gangsters, anon!
That just sends my autism through the roof.
>young hot-blooded call center workers compete to be the best
>they get absurdly involved in customers' lives in order to solve their personal problems as well as explain why their bill was so high
Stop glorifying criminals.
File: 1369627412468.jpg (635.07 KB, 2848x2136)
635.07 KB
635.07 KB JPG
A bunch of girls do normal things, while inside of mechas with magical powers.
The Yakuza is a legitimate line of work in Japan. I don't give a fuck, they easily rival 20's American gangsters in style.
Curb your autism son. It's just a story about cats doing people things.
>Alien prince must conquer a planet to get the right to be on the throne
>Chosen planet is Earth
>But another alien species already conquered it
>Alien prince must ally with the humans rebels to defeat the first alien invaders
>Met with the "Hero of The Legend" a guy who is supposed to kill the alien menace and afterwards should turn into the King of Earth
>After the rebels, alien prince and the hero defeat the invaders. The prince and the hero would fight to see who would rule the Earth

There would be a rebel loli and the alien prince family would have a great character development
File: ow.jpg (114.85 KB, 960x720)
114.85 KB
114.85 KB JPG
>not posting a frisbee doge related anime plot while posting frisbee doge on /a/

in a post apocalyptic world, shit memes are the only thing to survive, and eventually become things of worship
wars are fought over who set us up the bomb and the pear temple warriors are pacifists
wasnt there an episode of ergo proxy like this
File: YES.gif (722.63 KB, 640x360)
722.63 KB
722.63 KB GIF
Yes. Yes.
File: you're going home.png (24.56 KB, 521x462)
24.56 KB
24.56 KB PNG
As a writer I've been turning over the idea lately of how best to uniquely approach attacking the anti-escapism monolith in literature.

Though really Don Quixote did it so brutally and effectively it's hard to imagine getting anywhere close to that.
File: 1391355500382.jpg (39.09 KB, 395x750)
39.09 KB
39.09 KB JPG
A guy finds out the more people he has in his harem the stronger he is. The problem is he is however an incredibly massive asshole and has already driven off what little harem he had.

He now has to get a new harem and pieces of the old one back. He never learns to be a decent person, he just pretends the entire time.

In the end it's revealed to be a plot from a higher power to try and teach him to be a decent human being, which he failed. it leaves him alone and lets him deal with the shitty hell he made his life to try and reach a pay-off that was never there.
how to approach it:

Begin with the lesson: "Jailers hate escapism."

But then, by the end of the story, we learn that's wrong. Jailers love escapism. What they hate is escape.
So a long ass fucking time ago the Paper God (KamiKami, if you like) was torn up into several thousand pieces of square origami paper. The paper doesn't have to be used for origami, people can draw on it to give the picture life or even write down a wish to make it come true. But our story starts wherein the heroin, a sickly and shut in type, is just folding a random scrap of paper she'd had lying around, and folds it into a crane. Suddenly the crane animates and can speak to her. Think of it has her magic girl familiar. She begins to embark on her quest to recover the remaining pieces of paper (not all 1000 remain) to reconstruct Kamikami and perhaps learn a bit about life along the way.

I also think it'd be cool if there were maybe a scissors god, the god that original tore Kamikami to shreds, and that he has his own kind of magical girl that is trying to stop our heroin. But you could really play off of the whole arts and crafts theme as a whole, paint god, ink god, thread god, whatever.
bitch no scissors god gonna stop my heroin, i'll fucking fight irl
File: military.jpg (238.16 KB, 1278x900)
238.16 KB
238.16 KB JPG
Alternate History anime, title: The DIVISION.

In this timeline, Japan was never unified by the Tokugawa Shogunate. Indeed, there is no such thing as the country "Japan", but an island chain called by foreigners "the Japans".

The Kyushu Kingdom is a Christian monarchy. The Democratic Republic of Hokkaido is a Soviet puppet. The Shikoku Free State is completely in America's pocket.

On Honshu, a series of wars from 1950 to 1978 have destabilized most of the petty dictatorships, and now Kyushu, Hokkaido and Shikoku are trying to gobble up as many of them as possible.

Our main character graduates from highschool in the first episode, and is drafted into the military. Not a petty Defense Force, a real honest army. He wonders where his old childhood friend, a girl he played with before the last war, has got to.

He's sent to the front line and is standing watch one night, when a dark form sneaks across no-man's-land, puts a knife to his throat, and is about to kill him, when suddenly, her eyes widen.

"Taro-kun? Is that really you?"
A bunch of magical mechas do normal things while inside of girls.
Turns out all fetuses are mechas
File: IMG_7698398041734.jpg (33.96 KB, 417x500)
33.96 KB
33.96 KB JPG
An assasin (MC) receives a contract in an enigmatc envelope that appears mysteriously, to kill a certain person who will be in a certain place at a certain time.
However, just as MCs poison is taking effect, an arrow bursts through the target's chest and a bullet goes clean through his head a moment later.
he crowd parts to show a masked man poised to strike at the target with a blade.
soon MC realizes that there are four assasins, a sniper chick, a coat wearing fellow with a crossbow, a guy with a mask and himself. Mystery solving ensues as the group receive more contracts. no clue where it would go from here but w/e.
Generic fantasy settings. Stereotypical characters who lack any real depth or development. Mary sue MC chosen from birth to be the hero by a prophecy or the gods or some cliche'd shit like that. Leaves town to save the world. MC decides to hitch a ride from local donkey farmers and asks for guidance over rocky terrain. MC slips and falls from mountain, dies a horrible death.
Having heard the story of who he was, donkey farmers decide to take on his roll. End up pretending to be MC.
Tracks down BBEG for final climactic battle. No magic, no stunning swordsmanship, no plot armor to speak of. Just two donkey farmers and their knowledge of animal husbandry.
>backstory edition

The MC, suddenly transported to a fantasy world five years ago, is warped back to Japan just as suddenly. But, rather than the five years he spent in the other world, he finds that only about five minutes has passed in the real world. In fact, he was with his friends at the time and they barely even noticed that he was gone.

The show deals with him trying to readjust to a normal life in a world where he doesn't have to fight to survive every day and overcome his PTSD. Each episode advances his story in Japan a little more, as well as giving flash backs to his time in the other world.
suicidal mecha give birth to bored assassins for their dead siblings

Still the best tool to creat anime plots that even make sense at times.
Not this time though
A bunch of gods take the appearance of hot girls and handsome guys and begin to attend high school, just to see it's like.

File: 1366210864233.jpg (45.71 KB, 720x480)
45.71 KB
45.71 KB JPG
A low ranking mecha pilot from the future is teleported into ancient Japan by accident.

A small village praises him as a god who has come to defend their village, jokes, misunderstandings and best girls ensue.

He eventually discovers that an experimental time warp drive was accidentally equipped onto his mecha.

The protagonist must find a way of returning to his time before his mech runs out of power. But the question is, does he want to leave the peaceful lands of ancient Japan?
a show where the plot is centralized around the concept of pantsu and the influence it has on society
A somewhat historically inaccurate anime based around the 2010-2012 era professional Starcraft II scene except all the professional players are cute girls.

MC would be IdrA-chan, who just moved to Tokyo, the capital of e-sports and is trying to become the new bonjwa, or whatever would be the Japanese version of that term in an alternate world where nips played Starcraft instead of gooks.
File: 23541.jpg (182.64 KB, 1280x853)
182.64 KB
182.64 KB JPG
An anime about gaming that isn't retarded poetry cards or metaphysics mmo derived drivel would be okay. Kind of like Saki, or Akagi but not shit.
You crazy nigger.
I have a vague idea for a thing about some cute angels who like to break the 4th wall teach a guy (some kind of dostoevsky protagonist) about philosophy to restructure his comprehension of the world into something more palatable or something that would involve validating escapism.
I don't think you know what the 4th wall is.
> Shy glasses girl
> Drill hair holeric girl
> Balanced blonde
> Slightly below average male MC
> Tomboy, friend of MC (secretly loves MC but they were friends since childhood)
> Girls see MC and be like "i want this guy"
> MC be like "Eww, pretty girls, eew get away from meeee"
> episode 16
> He fucks The Tomboy
> U cry
> End

iconic anime, profit ensured.
I honestly don't know how this story can have anything other than a bittersweet ending. The device is their only form of communication and it seems the anon writing this implies it can't be fixed and there's no other way for them to traverse to another reality. It's still better than most tragic relationship, they get closure, that's something most don't have.
Foreign exchange student NTRs the MC from bitchy childhood friend, but she turns out to be an alien that tries to eat both, and then in an unexpected twist the foreign student turns out to also be secret agent from a secret agency dedicated to protect earth that was hunting this alien from the beginning, MC ends up killing her and staying with the alien monster that eats him anyway.
Where do I collect my budget?
>MC is a faggot
>he loves his childhood friend
>his childhood friend is generic harem guy
>MC has to kill all girls in his way
>MC still loses because childhood friend
>MC kills himself
>generic harem guy falls in love with someone he bumps into on the last episode

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