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Whenever they start talking about how the science-magic works I just get confused. Maybe I'm just stupid, but why does it need this much detail in the first place? Isn't "activate spell, magic comes out" good enough for series like this?

Anyways, mahouka thread.
there's a demographic for overdone magic explanations. I fucking love that shit, especially when the author tries to make the explanation "logical"
You know if you skip past the one and a half page explanation that accompanies every new magic phenomenon in Mahouka it really doesn't take all that long to read.

I'm sure there are a couple mega-autists out there though that pride themselves on being experts in mahoukaverse magic theory.
I use to think about this a lot. Creating systems that require less and less rules stacked on top of normal physics, and those elements becoming less and less complicated.

Now I'm down to one that can replicate any effect by just using extremely minor quantum particle time travel.
I doubt any "pride themselves" on being experts. Though, there are probably a lot of so called experts regardless.

Either way, I think the Magic system is probably Mahouka's one redeeming feature.

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