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Wait what?

This is popular enough to get an anime, on top of those 6 movies ?

Is this the real life ?
Er what?
Is this legit?
The latest chapters have been dragging and dragging.
>This upcoming Broken Blade anime will be rebuilding portions of the film, whilst also introducing original content, all in a total of 12 episodes.
>original content
>original content
>original content

All interest lost.

The 6th movie was already fan fiction.
Lots of reused footage by looks of it

Knew it was too good to be true

All I want is PTSD Rygart going nuts and killing everyone in glorious animation.

Manga mecha battles are so hard to follow, I don't know who is who half the time or whats going on.

Still, will watch. I love this series more then I should.
It's basically just the 6 movies broken down and compressed into 12 episodes, with some changes and an entirely new OVA.
They better animate the delicious brown girl tickling sleeping Lygarts face with her ponytail this time.
I raged a little when they skipped that.
Why do I find the concept of PTSD mecha pilots so awsome
Oh god yes, muh dick
How? The latest chapters have had shit going on. Rivalry, betrayal, lies, waifu killing.
Blonde K1 going bat shit after killing eye patch general is the best part
I lost it when he almost murdered those shits in the pub for talking shit
Insane protaganist sitting inside a weapon of mass destruction
Best plot

On a different note, I must say I am not pleased with how the queen has become a captured damsel in distress character now. She was interesting before, but now shes just another princess in a castle to save.

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