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Let's try this again. Concentrate and think of your 3 most cherished series ever. Got them? Okay.

One of them is erased from your memory as if you never saw it, allowing you to watch it for the first time all over again. When you finish all of it, the process repeats itself.
One of them is erased from existence period, but you are allowed to remember it in its entirety. It will never be allowed to exist again, even by you, though and nobody will ever believe you if you talk about it.
One of them you get to watch as a vision in your dreams every night but it's from your own perspective and not the plot's, so you can watch things happen from a different viewpoint and maybe explore a little. It's still just a dream, though.

Choose wisely.
That's sort of an annoying format OP, but whatever, not a big deal.

1. LoGH
2. Patlabor (and that was hard to choose. I've just killed one of the few gentlemanly mecha fanbases)
3. You're Under Arrest
Already participated and chose...
1. Baccano!
2. Boogiepop
3. Kino.

But choose 3 more cherished shows (without thinking ahead).
>Hikaru no Go, Infinite Ryvius. Another.
1. I want to say Hikaru no Go, but it's not so straight forward. I watched the show shortly after I started to learn Go. So the experience might not be as great now that I already know how to play.
2. Another. Spoiler, blog post. My friend (he's a casual) came over right before I was starting to watch an episode, and it was my favorite show of the season, so I say "Hey, mind watching an episode of this anime with me. I've been waiting a week for it, it's sorta a horror and has some gory scenes and stuff". It's the beach episode. Get shit from him quite often about that.. I would be sad not being able to look through my pie folder every now and then though.
3. Which leaves Infinite Ryvius. Not really 'that' special to explore, but it's still got space travel and some interesting elements. Would be sort of like an extreme nostalgia experience I suppose.
1. Legend of the Galactic Heroes
2. Neon Genesis Evangelion
3. Card Captor Sakura
1. NGE
2. Utena
3. Tatami Galaxy
1. LoGH, I'd know what to do for the rest of my waking life.
2. Usagi Drop, I'd miss it, but there would eventually be a similar story somewhere.
3. Kaiba, already well suited to dreams and sounds like a universe worth exploring.

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