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After seeing S2's ending, i'm worried that the third season is just milking the franchise. Is S3 worth watching? Also, Jigoku Shoujo Thread.

>in before hurr durr repetitive shit
I guess not many people have grievances.
I just don't understand how there can be a season 2 and 3 of this. Season 1 wrapped everything up so nicely I can't imagine what the fuck seasons 2 and 3 are even about.
If you liked S1, i would recommend S2. It messes with the formula a lot, while also making her team characters instead of tools. Plus, it has better closure for the cast in my opinion.
probably the weaker part of the series but there's some good chapters I don't remember much since i saw that like 5 years ago ,but is probably better than the fist part of S1
S2 is actually pretty good and a better ending to the series (which sadly means nothing, because S3 exists).

S3 was...okay. Worse than S1 and S2, but worth watching if you enjoyed those. S4 never.
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That's my main worry with S3. After finally giving Ai closure and seemingly sacrificing herself and ending her task S2's ending seems like a perfect wrap up to the series. I'm just worried that DEEN just wanted to milk more money and didn't try to wrap up the series proper.

Also, is it just me or do the OPs and Eds get steadily worse?
>is it just me or do the OPs and Eds get steadily worse?
That's just because Hakasama no Chou is the most underrated OP of the past decade. Both the animation and the song are beautiful; it's hard to top that.
ED 2 is on the same tier. The animation for OP 2 is brilliant too. I hate the word dakishimete though.
I dropped S1 because the episodic cases were boring, there was no reason to care about the characters and it didn't present any major plot going on in the background, I can't understand how it got more seasons.
Because it was too deep for you. And not in the euphoric sense. in the you dense motherfucker sense.
Although I liked ED2, ED1 felt stronger because of how they edited each episode. Although I like to just listen to ED2, whenever an S1 episode ended, i had to watch until the guitar riff ended (or citar, or whatever that string was).

We can agree that dakishimete is the worst word in the japanese language, right?
You would think that it would be easier to rhyme in Japanese, give all the damn vowels.

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