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Why do they do this?

also when is the official translation for ch3 coming out
Where can I read the official TL, I can only find the crappy one done by 'kisumanga' on sites
Shit ending, stop reading this and save yourselves the monthly waits for this crapper....

SPOILER stop reading
He kills her to make the loops stop
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You don't know how to spoiler?
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I liked that ending, it was better than a typical happy ending. It was bittersweet really. Manga Rita a shit, A SHIT.
>Manga Rita a shit, A SHIT.
Fucking this. My imagination is better.
>hound of the battlefield
>Not Full Metal Bitch

At least read the book, tl-kun.
pls respond

15 credit pages, tl notes everywhere

what were they thinking
Anime fucking when? Even Tom Cruise is in on this shit.
Of course not, he's a 12 year old mad that a story doesn't have a happy gary stu ending.
In the novel, there's a substantial chunk of text that explains that strength is irrelevant for jacket users. What you want is only endurance - the jacket provides everything else.

I fucking hated it. It was out of left field and only there because happy endings aren't allowed.
Sorry, wasn't clear but I meant the terrible translation/editing/tl notes/changing of the nickname from FMB to 'hound of the battlefield' lel christ

Yeah, you immediately get 370 Kilograms of force in the palm of your hands when you enter that suit, that's why instead of strength training, they do endurance drills instead.

There was a comment that Keiji makes about the power of suit, that without the suit's internal computer auto balancing your reactions, a rookie could easily kill himself in the suit.
Whoops. My bad.
>touching KMS shit
Where can I find viz scans, nobody in their right mind is going to upload those to a website and I can't seem to find a torrent
Read the MTO version, I think it is on Batoto.
>releases days before the bad group
>no V2/V3; does job right first time
>No 2 day delay till you can download it
>Does not add 8 credits pages
>Little if any "tn" notes.
>Does not whine about how hard it is to scanlate
Kisumanga is such a horrible group. One of the worst currently active. The accel manga they did was just unreadable and convoluted.
The only official translations I could find of this was the anon who dumped chapter 1 from the english weekly shonen jump and then never came back.

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