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Day 55
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Chapter 262

"Kiri's Search for Meaning" is a pun on a book by Austrian psychologist Viktor Frankl called "Man's Search for Meaning". The Japanese title of this chapter is "Kiri at Night" (夜の霧 yoru no kiri), which is a pun on the Japanese title of Frankl's book, which is "Fog and Night" ( 夜と霧 yoru to kiri)
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>Poster (Panel 2)

The poster says "If you have worries - Chie", referring to Chie-sensei and her counseling job.
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>Hikikomori Union

全日本座敷童連盟 - zen-nihon zashiki-warashi renmei
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>Pictures (Panel 1)

The Gyoza Statue is located in Utsunomiya, Tochigi.

"Dash Village" is the setting of a corner on the Japanese variety show called "The Tetsuwan Dash".
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Chapter 263

The Japanese title was どーせ書生気質 (Douse shosei katagi), a pun on the novel Tousei shosei katagi 当世書生気質 ("Portraits of Contemporary Students") by Tsubouchi Shouyou.

>Looks like a straw

It's the Tokyo Tower and after the 3/11 earthquake, the antenna at the top really looks like a straw.

>It works fine

…because it doesn't need to work at all. The antenna was submitting analogue TV signals and Japan is all digital antenna TV now.
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8, 9, 11?
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Thanks for the catch
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>Thing in Panel 7

The Fukushima Nuclear power plant. Yes she tries to glue it together. The tube of glue reads "Bond", a popular brand for glue in Japan.
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>Poster in Panel 3

Reads "Tomo-chan". There really was a poster like this one hanging from Tokyo Tower in 2005.

>Sign in Panel 7

Reads "Please do not appear naked in this park". A reference to Kusanagi Tsuyoshi, member of SMAP, who ran around naked in a park in 2009.
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>Train with destination "Sado"

The station from which she rides to Sado is Ueno station (in Ueno, Tokyo). There is no train from Ueno to Sado though. You need to take a train to Niigata and then a ferry from the Niigata harbor to Sado (Sado is located on an island called Sadogashima).
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how are they so cute
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Chapter 264

The Japanese title of this chapter was あひあひヾき (aiaibiki), a pun on あひヾき (aibiki), the japanese title of the short story свидание (Svidanie - "Rendezvous", official English translation is called "Meeting") by Ivan Turgenev.

>Two pots in panel 2

The right one reads "Roger", the left one "Gina". Roger is a character from the Manga "Kuma no Puutarou", Gina is a role in a fictional play called „Gina and the 5 blue pots” that is enacted in the manga "Glass Mask".
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>Pin board

The message on the right reads "Kan - he's quitting". Prime minister Kan Naoto announced that he will resign from his job as soon as the problems concerning the 3/11 quake are solved.
The stuff on the more left from right to left: "Nao Date", a pun on Date Naoto, the main character from "Tiger Master". "Nao Kan" - prime minister Kan Naoto, most probably "Sugu" (which means immediately and is one of this Kanji's readings/words), "Tada Edano", a pun on Edano (the ministry spokesperson for all the Fukushia stuff) often saying 直ちに (tadachi ni - immediately).
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File: 04-05.png (551.38 KB, 1749x1200)
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>Umbrella Drawings

All the Kanji around them read "Kaga Ai".

>"I think it'd be best to share it as a sacrifice"

In Japanese, Kafuka used the word 供養 (kuyou) which usually means the food you put on the house altar on bon to give to your ancestors. The sacrifice should make the umbrella's grudge disappear.

>"'Shared umbrella' means it's mutual"

Shared umbrella in Japanese is = 相合傘 (aiaigasa). The first "ai" means "mutual".
Kumeta. I don't understand it myself though.
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>Kaga Takeshi

A Japanese actor who is well known for his role as "Chairman Kaga", host of the cooking show "Iron Chef". That most probably is the reason Nami likes him.
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>"It just wanted to cut"

The word used for "cut" here, written the way it is written here, can also mean "to kill".
File: dijobu girl 2.jpg (95.66 KB, 800x800)
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Until tomorrow

From Kumeta's blog

I'm not the kind of guy who carries a cell phone with me, so I really don't need one. There's not much that I'd want to convey through emails, so the necessity's not quite there. Some say it's strange that I don't carry a cell phone, but it makes me want to ask them if they'd carry all the cell phone straps in the house around with them. We're even at the point of not carrying portables, so we're mutually strange. By the way, I do attach just the cell phone strap of Nayabashi Manju on my bag. I'm always working out of the house so a regular cord phone is plenty for me. It'd be more convenient for me if there weren't any phones at all. Smoke signals would be enough for contacts with the editor. When my original book is finished, a red smoke signal goes up. When it is accepted, a green smoke signal goes up. If you're cancelling me, put up a black smoke signal, okay? I ask for your cooperation.
thanks man
Welp. I'll attempt to dump 2 chapters tomorrow. Lucky that those are the last two chapters that were missed, because I might not have internet at this rate.

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