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You are ruining anime, /a/

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>this thread again
>he actually thinks there are otaku on /a/
Stop making this fucking thread.
That's just the way things are, there's a reason why actually good anime films get more discussion on /tv/ than /a/

Serials are always fucking awful anyway, a terrible medium
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Maybe compared to Japan it's tame, but still
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It's like I'm having déjà vu.
>anime on /tv/

I've literally never seen this
Escapist still exists?
they happen pretty frequently, mostly threads about ghibli films
There's a fuckton of normal people on /a/ that don't buy a single anime merchandise nor care about the other otaku subcultures such as eroge/doujinshi/denpa/mecha/etc. If you want to complain about anyone, blame the small amount of buyfags.
Well none of the normals ever start a thread, /a/ is constantly shitted up with loli and waifu threads everyday
/a/ doesn't send death threats to voice-actors because they are dating.

We're casuals compared to madness that is Japanese otaku culture.
Fucking retarded old senile coot doesn't understand that the only reason the industry is so alive today is because of those otaku shows. Those otaku shows keep it alive, so that people like him can make whatever the fuck they want or any other non mainstream director.
A guy who only faps to loli doujin and watches anime is still not an "otaku" for me. He just happens to have some specific fetishes. Maybe not a normal, but still, not the kind of otaku Miyazaki is blaming.
...this really happens?
Autists are ruining the industry?

I 100% agree. You should feel ashamed /a/.
>people like him
>he thinks Miyazaki is a part of otaku entertainment
He isn't.
He can only do what he does because otaku keep the industry alive.
This isn't even good shitposting like the IRC does. This is just pitiful.

Do you actually have autism to make this thread over and over?

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