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File: Night Wizard.jpg (67 KB, 704x396)
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Hey /a/,

I just finished Night Wizard and I must say it was surprisingly good. Not good as in actually a great show but good in really worth watching.

It starts out like your average, gather X recieve cookie show but picks up halfways trough. The end was nicely done and included some more or less surprising scenes and battles between friends. The conclusion to revive Kureha to bring Elis out of despair was kinda cheap though. Well, I guess you couldn't expect something else than an average friendship wins end.

Anyhow I enjoyed it.

BTW: Anyone got any doujins with Anzelotte and Bell Zephyr making out?
Never watched it, waiting for the PS2 game.
the main character shouldve had sex with someone

that would've made things a million times better
File: 1205166943694.jpg (29 KB, 292x302)
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No one watched this.
Germany officially sucks more due to your post.
That's pretty hysterical. Every shitty group in the scene subbed this motherfucker for an episode or two, and absolutely noone except this faggot enjoyed it.
I gave up this show after pushing through the first episode
File: 1205167478367.jpg (431 KB, 1600x2560)
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lol he just wanted to go to school

that is so funny
File: 1205167628249.jpg (400 KB, 1600x2560)
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are you on drug when you were watching this show?
and also, drug are badddddd
I liked it. It was produced by the ARIA staff, and they did a decent job of presenting the world/material of the original pen and paper RPG.
File: 1205170101608.jpg (890 KB, 2427x3489)
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890 KB JPG
>The conclusion to spoiler
That's how you do things in RGP.

You don't seem to have seen more than two episodes either.

It gets awesome starting with episode 8.
Beal Zephyr alone makes it win already.
File: 1205170739140.jpg (3 MB, 4000x2724)
3 MB
oh yay lolis

lucky i stopped subbing this shitty formulaic show early, 7 episodes of a 13 episode series is not an acceptable number to waste on monster-of-the-week
I also found it pretty enjoyable.
File: 1205173091641.jpg (598 KB, 1600x1200)
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598 KB JPG
Tell that to JC Staff and the Shana team. Only that they didn't even have monsters.

It actually got better with every episode except maybe for episode 7.
Episode 9 just has space battles and sniping across Saturn.
File: 1205175317713.jpg (68 MB, 1470x1050)
68 MB
I'd "tap" all these monster-of-the-week girls if you know what I mean
>>10149596 Tell that to JC Staff and the Shana team
that's why i also stopped subbing it

i guess the NW lolis are nice, but nothing will save the show from its cheesy kiddy orientation and predictability for me
Well _I_ liked it. It constantly exceeded my expectations. But that was only because my expectations were so low to start with.

And besides, halfway through, the portagonists break Saturn.

I'll say that again: The protagonists break Saturn.

"Shaimals(sp?) light pierces through everything. Even the shield of god is no exception."
"Vanity Wordld - The Unlimited"

There was some classic engrish too.
File: 1205176457186.jpg (148 KB, 680x960)
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148 KB JPG
File: 1205176571988.jpg (92 KB, 500x480)
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File: 1205176699647.jpg (116 KB, 675x1050)
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>Well _I_ liked it. It constantly exceeded my expectations. But that was only because my expectations were so low to start with.

This. I enjoyed it, but I would never recommend it to a friend, because that would tend to raise expectations.

Also, the ED was fucking win.

Oh yes. The ED was epic win. Even the OP was pretty good.
File: 1205177045476.jpg (85 KB, 421x600)
85 KB
I'd say people had trouble getting into the show, especially because most of the characters have had their own turns in the rpg version or something.
what? the OP was nice and catchy, but the ED was nothing of note, even boring. i don't understand the several people i've heard who loooooved it.
File: 1205179882612.gif (646 KB, 250x141)
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646 KB GIF
Those who have finished the series usually liked it. If only those with shitty taste finished it is unclear, but they usually say that the later episodes were better than the first.

Bell Zephyr might not be everyones most favourite character, but nearly everyone likes her.

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