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AWWWW SHIEEEEET its that time of when the fuck ever again!

Holo Thread!

Horo is Love

Korbororororororororororororororororororororororororororororororo is Life

Post your favorite

Hey there fools,
My name is Holo, Wisewolf of the Wheat, and I absolutely detest every single one of you fools. All of you are gluttonous, simple minded, fools who spend every waking moment of their day feasting your eyes at foolish pictures. You are of all anything that is awful in the world. Truly, have any of you ever eaten any Honey Pickled Peaches? I mean, I Suppose it’s fun making pure laughs of people for such purpose of your own lack of wealth, but you surely drag this degeneracy too beyond what I can fathom. This is even worse than copulating ones self to pictures on this "facebook" thing.
Do not be an unknown to me. Just show your best effort. I’m pretty much the Wisest Wolf you ever will meat. I was the God of a plethora people, and brought them bountiful harvests of wheat every season. What sort of achievements have you procured?, other than “milk filthy cows and bathe in mud”? I also get straight Apple's, and have a banging hot Merchant (He just bought me liquor, shit was SO Trenni Silver.) You are all fools who should just off yourselves on the instant. Thanks for lending me your ear.

Pic Related: It’s me and my wonderful companion.
File: Spice and Wolf111.jpg (80.20 KB, 335x361)
80.20 KB
80.20 KB JPG
Hey guys, do you think her kids are going to be archeologists?
File: Spice and Wolf11.jpg (171.26 KB, 820x1092)
171.26 KB
171.26 KB JPG
I dunno, why do you suggest they'd be archaeologists?
File: 1349595972291.gif (633.26 KB, 480x320)
633.26 KB
633.26 KB GIF
I like a girl that enjoys her booze.
I just want season 3, can I get season 3?
File: Spice and Wolf90.jpg (153.78 KB, 850x1150)
153.78 KB
153.78 KB JPG
I like a girl that enjoys apples
like 5 years too late anon
B-but theres still hope right? I wanna believe
File: Spice and Wolf61.png (242.66 KB, 500x559)
242.66 KB
242.66 KB PNG
I like it how she's one a few characters whose boobs aren't exorbitantly huge for an anime thats also not loli-tier

sometimes that just turns me off from an anime when it turns cliche to the point that all of the female characters are just boob whores
File: 10265.jpg (135.38 KB, 500x501)
135.38 KB
135.38 KB JPG
Why not both?
Well 5 years eats at that hope easily, its been 5 something years since season 2 concluded, only moe-shit actually gets multiple seasons, that and autistic shit like one piece, dragons bal P, touhou and what not
Where can I buy the novels?
I have a large bone for them to examine.
File: Spice and Wolf108.png (11.25 KB, 299x276)
11.25 KB
11.25 KB PNG

Only Trenni Silver? It wasn’t enough to be Gold Lumione, I guess
I could have put Apples or some shit
I wish i could go on a adventure with holo.
They aren't all officially translated and published yet. I could link you a torrent if you wish.
But seriously, I finished watching it a couple months ago, is there really no news or rumours? Did it bomb badly or something?
File: Spice and Wolf34.jpg (2.99 MB, 2459x3490)
2.99 MB
2.99 MB JPG
don't we all?
It was on Funimation long ago when the english release was around

it just never got a 3rd season I guess because of lack of support and maybe the publishers wanted people to focus on and buy the books and manga
File: gAVwNpQ.jpg (209.15 KB, 1179x1269)
209.15 KB
209.15 KB JPG

Sure, drop a link for me
I'm p.sure it sells really well overseas.
File: 1389414200023.jpg (397.14 KB, 1663x1200)
397.14 KB
397.14 KB JPG
1-6 http://www.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=386640
6-17 http://www.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=459743
I love you, more than apples and liqor
One day I'll be a millionaire and make it don't worry
File: Spice and Wolf41.jpg (2.97 MB, 1900x2714)
2.97 MB
2.97 MB JPG
Thats a lot of apples and liquor you're forgoing

I bought a bottle of Angry Orchard apple cider and a bottle of Fireball whiskey for my 22nd b-day next weekend, I'm making Angry Balls

an ounce of wisky in 8 ounces of cider, let it sit out to warm up for an hour so its below room temperature and its golden
File: Vg3jbH4.jpg (133.03 KB, 1128x1600)
133.03 KB
133.03 KB JPG
That first one is pretty amazingly small

Thank you
Ah it's you again. Till haven't tried that combo yet.
>its you again
its always me
File: Spice and Wolf53.jpg (752.16 KB, 1920x1080)
752.16 KB
752.16 KB JPG
>a bajillion rorororo's
Anyone mind dumpin a folder or two of hororororlolro? I need it
File: Spice and Wolf48.jpg (2.90 MB, 2000x2814)
2.90 MB
2.90 MB JPG
theres a huge thread on /c/

we're not really supposed to dump on /a/, thats why they made /c/ kinda
File: 1376116868797.gif (1.77 MB, 640x360)
1.77 MB
1.77 MB GIF
Cool thanks, I just never go on /c/ so I had no idea
File: Spice and Wolf106.jpg (1.19 MB, 1200x1149)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB JPG
DFC is love, bro.
File: Spice and Wolf3.jpg (497.49 KB, 1600x1200)
497.49 KB
497.49 KB JPG
File: Spice and Wolf56.png (343.29 KB, 517x519)
343.29 KB
343.29 KB PNG
File: Spice and Wolf45.jpg (2.22 MB, 1800x2579)
2.22 MB
2.22 MB JPG
why is she the best?
>liking a girl who got plowed by a bunch of wolves
File: i posted it again.jpg (80.95 KB, 533x700)
80.95 KB
80.95 KB JPG
don't deny it you know its true

how did her pride get damaged? how did her knees get dirty?
File: Spice and Wolf38.jpg (2.68 MB, 2000x2850)
2.68 MB
2.68 MB JPG
I just want to know how many she's been with. I think my heart can finally take it.
File: Spice and Wolf107.jpg (142.87 KB, 548x776)
142.87 KB
142.87 KB JPG
in terms of actual canon, she makes a joke to lawrence referring to "do you want to know how many there were before you?" or something along those lines, it was a joke but it probably held some truthful implications to it

Holo is hundreds of years old its totally possible for her to have been with someone before hand, such that her 6 other friends could be candidates
my post are the exact words of canon.. well I changed a little bit.
File: Spice and Wolf58.jpg (184.39 KB, 1260x1484)
184.39 KB
184.39 KB JPG
yea theres a lot of obscure stuff with the book that I guess is nothing more than obscure shit and I don't know how much salt to take with it
Used goods
do the books cover her memory loss? Did she really kill a bunch of people and then just forget who she was and what happened to her town?
No, not really, she makes, again, obscure one liners towards it that leaves the readers to infer and pull from it

I don't think it ever says anything about her killing anyone
What a let down. They could create a whole new series just based on her past life.
File: Spice and Wolf27.jpg (2.92 MB, 2000x2867)
2.92 MB
2.92 MB JPG


Holo's memories are an entire book in itself, many of the side colors books could be used as OVA movies and shit
>an error occured try and fuck off later

File: 1391044618052.jpg (445.11 KB, 2805x1587)
445.11 KB
445.11 KB JPG
Surely there is some good fan fiction about her past life? Kind of like the Klass side story.
I've never really read any fan fiction but I might have to after finishing the light novels.
Also once I finish volume 9 should I wait for official translations from Yen Press or are the fan translations good enough? I don't feel like waiting years for them to finish translating but it might be something nice to look forward too.
I would honestly rather see an anime about her past life rather than season 3 of S&W.
Spice and wolf actually made me start eating more apples

also helped me find out that I really love apples
only red ones
>reading volume 10
>Huskins starts talking about how he had to eat sheep in order to survive and make his new homeland
>this horrifies Holo to the point where she vomits.

Jesus Christ, that moment really got me.
File: 1389992728061.jpg (45.71 KB, 720x480)
45.71 KB
45.71 KB JPG
Can anyone just spoil the hell out of me as to where the story is right now?

I amassed the first 6 LNs over the past four years and I've read up to Book 4 until I forgot I had the last 2 until now.

Do they marry? Do they have kids?

Does Holo ever reach home? Are there still LNs being created?

When I first came across the series I marathoned both seasons in a day and it was the only time in my life I've ever bought LNs for anything, but it's been 5 years since then and I need some kind of resolution.
i've bee seeing metabee reaction images a lot lately i like it
>this horofies holo
Its like finding a diamond in the rough for fan fictions like any anime, some are written poorly, some of the Drunken Wolf Translations fan fictions are good, some by the editor are good

if you want to read all of spice and wolf the Drunken Wolf Translations are good
File: A Naked Loli Horo.png (657.94 KB, 400x560)
657.94 KB
657.94 KB PNG
File: Spice and Wolf57.jpg (163.17 KB, 601x928)
163.17 KB
163.17 KB JPG

if you REALLY don't want to be spoilered, don't read beyond this!
>Do they marry?
>Do they have kids?
>Does Holo ever reach home?
she literally gets 90% of the way there in that hot springs town called Nyohirra and then decides she doesn't want to go there because she realizes that all of her friends and anything she remembers is gone and there'd be no point
>Are there still LNs being created?
it concluded in book 17

File: Spice and Wolf29.jpg (2.69 MB, 2444x3474)
2.69 MB
2.69 MB JPG
Yea that was a real eye opener

that and when Holo meets Myuri's Mercenaries and realizes that Myuri the Wolf had been dead for hundreds of years and all that was left was his claw

Imagine if like if you went away from your parents, friends and family and when you came back they were just all fucking GONE, like that hit me like a truck in the feels
These threads never cease to make me upset over no more seasons.
File: 1391046019645.jpg (233.57 KB, 1544x867)
233.57 KB
233.57 KB JPG
So does she just decide to settle down and live a life with Lawrence?

That baby is so cute.
File: Apple Coverage.jpg (266.71 KB, 1001x1250)
266.71 KB
266.71 KB JPG
the picture is just art, its not canon, sorry


theres a 5 year jump from the end of 16 to book 17, the book seems to imply that they explore around for a few years then settle in Nyohirra and open a hotspring resort, shortly after its completion, holo announces she is pregnant and they name their inn The Spice and Wolf
File: 1317351114483.jpg (60.56 KB, 395x513)
60.56 KB
60.56 KB JPG
>and they name their inn The Spice and Wolf
eyo gurl gimmie dat wolf pu$sy

this hurts me on some sort of deep level. But the other part o me dies with laughter.
>mommmy why doesn't dad have a tail and ears like me?
File: happytears.png (159.67 KB, 380x512)
159.67 KB
159.67 KB PNG
>Settle down
>Lawrence and Holo get together and have a child
>Lawrence's dream of owning an inn comes to fruitition
>Holo moving on from her past
>Name their inn Spice and Wolf


I couldn't be happier. I'm so glad it ended like that.
if you actually read it, the epilogue of 17 puts so many questions up in the air and feels so rushed you'll actually at first love the ending then come back and realize how shitty it was written
File: 51KMsJSWoCL.jpg (44.78 KB, 500x500)
44.78 KB
44.78 KB JPG

Well to those who answered me, thank you. I can finally conclude this chapter of my life.
That's a very short dress. It barely covers herself.
Should probably let her know.
you SHOULD read it, it IS a good book, you'll become more critical of the book long after you finish it like I did.
I know it's a good series, but I've moved on.

I've had Books 5 and 6 for two to three years now, my book mark is still in page 56 of Book 5.

If it wasn't for this thread I would've forgotten about it completely. So I needed some kind of closure.
>6 Uzus
>no frag
I do implore you to read the book, me spoiling it for you doesn't nearly give you the experience of it, they do so much together and me spelling it out in one or two sentences is REALLY lacking, and it sounds obvious to say that but theres a sort of magic that comes along with it that doesn't come from these threads, the threads are so critical and hateful its not even funny
i want it
File: Spice and Wolf12.png (332.24 KB, 880x720)
332.24 KB
332.24 KB PNG
we ALL want it
>You will never play this game
>You will never see the day it gets translated
>You will never play as Lawrence as he gets Holo to fall in love with him

File: Spice and Wolf46.jpg (2.10 MB, 1800x2602)
2.10 MB
2.10 MB JPG
staph, don't remind me
oh man I wish they would finish the translation
>Implying I don't own the limited edition of that game

Too lazy to bother taking a picture though.
Thanks for the wallpaper, anon.
I don't speak moon runes so I'll never know :(
the intro was neat and all but it was too much about holo not enough Lawrence its called Spence AND wolf not just wolf
File: poster.jpg (1.37 MB, 2448x3264)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB JPG
I have a poster of that
pls giv

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