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Will Toriyama ever make him useful?
>You just realized Goku didn't kill anyone in the entire namek arc
>You realized that all the antagonists that died on Namek was killed by Vegeta
Goku would of died of saiyan aids if it wasn't for him.
did goku kill anybody in all of dbz other than buu? and he got reincarnated anyway
Vegeta is a huge tsundere, amirite?
>That Gintama episode where they talk about Vegeta.
Best episode ever!
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he's already had the best moment in the entire series
tree of might was such a bad fucking movie, i watched it after some guy on /a/ told me too, and i swear i'm never watching another dragonball movie after that.
Toriyama didn't like Vegeta as a character. He was planning on killing him off at some point but never got around to it.
have you seen History of Trunks?
That and Bardocks movie are the best ones.
They actually add a lot to the series.

Bio brolly was the worst movie, I don't understand how they could fuck up so many movies.
Kids loved Vegeta so much that Toriyama couldn't kill him
i only watched tree of might cause some guy told me to, and the one with the slug guy cause it was on toonami one time, other than that i havent seen them but tree of might made me not want to watch another
tree of might is pretty bad. it reminded me a lot of db rather than dbz

History of Trunks is my favorite because there was actual meaning to the fighting. There was a sense of desperation to it that makes you realise how messed up Trunk's time is. The fights were good as well.
I agree most dbz movies are trash, but the Bardock OVA was excellent. I watched it before I went on a dbz movie marathon and expected quality equal to that of the OVA, but was pretty disappointed. I liked Bio Broly though. I recommend watching the Bardock OVA if you're still willing to give dbz specials another chance. It has one of my favorite fights in the entire series. Haven't seen History of Trunks so I can't vouch for that, but heard good things.

The special where Bardock goes SSJ was garbage though, so avoid that..
Why do all the casual faggots think the first Broly movie is the best DBZ movie ever? It was objectively terrible

like DBZ in general
because his power is maximum and the movie is full of murder, mutilation and darker stuff than your average DBZ flick. Kids love to see "mature" things on their cartoons
>those other kids talking about helping others
>broly kid just wants to be stronk

kek this pic will never get old

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