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File: SAOP_ch007_026.jpg (2.35 MB, 2470x3074)
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Kirito Edge Master
What anime is this?
Sword Art Online, Progressive Manga.
Kirito will never be this guy
File: Sc5-edgemaster.jpg (892.08 KB, 2480x5000)
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Forgot Picture
File: TsunKibaou.jpg (1.46 MB, 1916x3236)
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1.46 MB JPG
Kibaou confirmed for Tsundere
>chapter 7
Wow, how behind are we?
Chapter 7 is the latest Chapter. It released in Japan like 4 days ago. (It's a monthly release)
No, it seemed like we were stuck on chapter 4 forever. Never even saw the raws for 5 and 6 posted, much less translations.
>all of Kirito's "effortless elegance" poses
This is supposed to be funny, right?
The Translators are already up to 6.5 (6.5 is a short side-story thing, with Argo and Diabel)

The Translators were translating from Chinese translations, so a lot of it was bad, and they were pretty slow.
The people over at the Russian SAO wiki ended up sharing their raws, and they've caught up.
Huh, so I see.
>Argo and Diabel
Oh, that's nice.
>these chapters
All these changes...not sure how to feel.
>more or less knighting him because why the fuck not
W-what? I feel like this is going a bit too overboard on her, no?
Yeah, the changes mostly revolve around making Diabel seem like the White Knight he was in the Anime.
They completely omitted any mention of someone trying to buy off Kirito's sword, but the story still seems to follow the story, roughly.
They even make it so Lind (I think it was Lind) is the one shouting at Kirito, and not Kibaou. So it's not like the anime.
File: wait what.jpg (138.82 KB, 881x1300)
138.82 KB
138.82 KB JPG
No, what I meant was the whole scene of Asuna throwing off her cloak and proclaiming him leader. I mean, what the fuck is this? There's artistic liberty and "adding to the canon", but this is rather OOC, I feel. There is a time for her to be the confident, respected battlefield leader, but that time is not now.

There is also the part where Kirito doesn't grab Kibaou and yell at him to stop being a pussy piece of shit.
Yeah, there's a lot of that to. It's kind of off-putting, and I get what you mean. Though, this is the closest thing to Progressive we're going to get, from here.
Next is "Reason for the Whiskers," and then we're thrown into a world we've yet to know about. Kind of scarry, thinking how many changes will be in Rondo or Concerto, that we won't know about, because we can't read the source material.
I wonder if we'll even get Reason for the Whiskers. So far, the manga follows Asuna mostly, and Reason for the Whiskers has absolutely nothing to do with her. I'd actually hazard to say that we're probably going to get OC about what she's doing while Kirito punches rocks.

It's okay, anon. One day, we'll get that Progressive anime made by not-A-1. One day.
I hope so...
But it's likely going to be A-1 anyways... (If anyone at all)
Or we could all just learn nihongo, and read it ourselves?

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