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Just got done watching episode 1 for the first time and I honestly can't find the words to describe how awful it was. Like where do I even begin?
Admit that you watched it for the announcer.
It picks up when the rapist shows up, but it still pretty awful.
The MUKASHI MUKASHI ear rape is the cherry on the shit cake.
File: 1390935117895.gif (688.66 KB, 200x200)
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Hell yes, Satomi Arai a best VA ever.
God I love her voice so much.
Why the hell is she fighting with cat potholders anyway?
Don't worry it gets even worse.

but I didn't dislike it.
>I don't dislike him
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Dear god, her voice is just pure sex.
It gets better.

Naaaaah, I'm lying, it doesn't get better.
It's shit
I don't know about you guys, but I always got "It's so bad it's good" vibes from it.

It must have been the narrator's shenanigans.
I watched it for the Kuroko sex voice and the rape
Bad at times, but also quite enjoyable and decent at other times. Just watch it for Ookami, Ringo, Otohime, and Arai's narration.

>I don't dislike you
File: 1280305728980.jpg (49.10 KB, 596x477)
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Best girl.
Least screen time.
File: 1280305455731.jpg (1.14 MB, 1317x2047)
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1.14 MB JPG

But she ruins it all with her mad scientist glasses.
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>there are people who like sloppy seconds
There are some funny episodes. I remember I laughed out loud a couple of times which for the time this was animated - like 3/4 years ago right ? - that was when everything was moeblobapocalypse and generic shit all the way to the point I was considering dropping anime altogether ... I wouldn't say this pile of shit stopped me from quiting anime but I watched it over a lot of a shit airing the same season so it's just a bad anime buried in a pile of shit.
>bad anime buried in a pile of shit


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