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Hentai edition.

Include elves.
Hentai is trash
You are trash
Prove it
I fuck op in the ass and finish on his face 8)
A woman stumbles an enchanted forest where she gets raped by tentacle elves.
Is an anime about a pregnant tsundere high school girl a bad idea?

Not intending to go with the theme here. I had a bunch of hentai ideas but I forgot all of them.
That isn't hentai? Sounds very hentai to me.
The story of a slave trader who travels around the country to buy and sell slaves in a world of segregation and discrimination.

The twist is that the slave trader is just a lonely anon who just wants people to love him so he treats them all with the utmost care and respect like real human beans. He only ever trades his slave away if he finds a likeminded trader who will also treat his slaves humanely.

In the end he amasses a harem of slaves and the bitches get jealous of each other for because they all think the other one spends more time with the MC. They overstep their gratitude with the MC and go full yandere and the MC can't handle their craziness and just decides to treat them like actual slaves
Nope, just a bizarre romantic comedy.
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A loli is running around a flower garden looking for her lost parents and awakens a stone golem

Together they go on an adventure through unique lands and meet strange creatures, they have tea parties, toast marshmallows at camp

While the Golem carries the loli world to world the Golem tells her stories fairy tales based off current events

Periodically reality seeps in and the loli remembers she is a quad amputee from a car accident with no parents
You have to be kinda hentai to think of that situation tho.
File: BretHart.jpg (34.17 KB, 221x266)
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The Hitman is teleported to a magical land filled with elves at war with evil trolls. His quest is to defeat the troll king only known by his initials of HBK with his deadly attack, the Sharpshooter. Along the way he makes sweet sweet love to all the fine elf girls.
In a medieval fantasy world, orcs have finally overthrown the royal elven nobility in a long bloody war. Establishing the country as a sex empire where women are nothing but objects of pleasure, the populace has no choice but to hesitantly accept defeat welcome their new overlords.

In one household, an elven princess overhears this news and goes into complete despair. Loathing the likely possibility of being forcibly raped as a spoil of war, she goes into hiding in the cellar of her own home. Spending three days in complete darkness with nothing but thoughts of impending sexual torture, the dreaded moment happens as she hears someone entering the cellar with her.

To her relief it's her husband who she thought she had lost during the war.

Having mindbroken herself with her delusions, she forces herself on him rapes him repeatedly intending to become his personal toilet. Unable to hear his cries to listen to reason, she wounds so he can't run away and traps him in the cellar so that they can be together forever away from orc rule.

Epilogue: the nobility were successful in driving out the orcs; however for some reason, many of the royal family have disappeared off the map. It was assumed that those missing were casualties during the previous takeover.

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