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Do any of you take substances before watching anime?

Like drinking, or smoking, or percocets?
Who would take Oxycodone before watching K-On and holy shit that actually sounds very comfy.
I drink a lot...
Whey protein.
Yeah, sometimes I smoke weed. I love to watch moeshit and shows with cute girls while I'm high. It's amazing. I don't drink and watch anime though. Being drunk and then sitting down in front of a TV by yourself isn't fun.
Jojo's Bizarre Drunken Adventure is some of the most fun I've had watching anime.
File: 1391143685681.gif (475.16 KB, 540x540)
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this was basically all I did during high school
I always watch harem anime drunk.
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I once took truck stop synthetic weed while watching Code Geass and I got a fucking huge headache and was uncontrollably vomiting and shitting myself after a very long bad trip.

I do not like Code Geass now.
I enjoy drinking wine while watching anime.
Makes everything more enjoyable, touching and funny.
No because alcohol tastes like shit and drugs are for retards
I've tried to watch Attack on Titan drunk because I really hated the show itself and just wanted to finish it. I couldn't read the subtitles and ended up drifting off to sleep.

My friend took Acid before watching Bakemongatari once. (Then he got imprisoned for possession of drugs a few days later)
13 year old plz go
Squats and oats.
>13 years old
Oh the ironing.
I take painkillers for the constant headaches which have plagued me for the entire portion of my life.
It doesn't make them go away but it helps me relax enough to focus.

Pot is for faggots.

top kek
>not gomad
>alcohol tastes like shit
Don't buy shity alcohol you dipshit. Pretty much all huge name brand american beer is garbage. And liquor is something you mix with when you're just casually drinking.

Anyway I usually drink and watch the cutesy shows, occasionally something more action oriented but more cutesy stuff when drunk.
I drank half a bottle of codeine cough syrup before marathoning K-ON.

Was very comfy, even though I was unable to keep my eyes open through most of it.
>/a/ drug use and cartoons
File: 1388444529709.gif (1.71 MB, 235x150)
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>tripping into a semi-conscious lucid state where you are with the Keions having fun
I use to but now i am lucky to ever have any of those things.
File: sobekBort.png (173.78 KB, 292x291)
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>not smoking
File: 1386101261789.jpg (168.40 KB, 800x960)
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168.40 KB JPG

Holy fuck, that's an awesome idea, your friend has inspired me.
File: tAG_110847.jpg (60.26 KB, 790x494)
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If I did Mio would be very disappoint.
Drink during SZS, despair loves company
I occasionally like to watch slice of life shows when coming down from mushroom trips. I'm telling you guys, SoL while tripping is the most surreal experience.
Weed with Kill la Kill. Makes the over-top-nature of the show even more entertaining. Almost got stuck in loop during the bath scene though.
I drink when I watch anime with friends or when I come home from university and raid the liquor cabinet. Alcohol makes bad anime much more tolerable.
I tend to just get tired if I drink alone in front of the computer
File: 1386022895410.jpg (763.86 KB, 1920x1200)
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>not smoking out mio
if you don't ritsu will and you damn well know it
Ritsu wouldn't smoke around Mio, who do you think she is?
I smoked weed before watching Nise episode that introduces Kaiki.

The cello music, his monotone voice, and the ominous atmosphere creeped me the fuck out. Needless to say, it was a great time.
>tfw Ritsu will never smoke with you
I really wish I could beat up Yui in real life, I was hoping all along K-On that she would get hit by a car or something, it would get my dick hard
Whoa, you are b-b-bad to the bone!
File: 1382155205514.jpg (229.79 KB, 801x995)
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>tfw you will never hang out with ritsu in general
we could be doing anything, I just want to be with her
I only got to understand the entertaining nuances of space dandy when I got high.

Now I can watch it sober, but formerly I just didn't like the show. I'm digging the OST, the animation, and how campy the series is. I guess I was originally disappointed because I was expecting an actiony space drama again.
I marathoned Madoka with a friend.
Went through a quarter or so, ended up sucking his dick.
Pretty good weekend.
I watched a few episodes of Nichijou while high once, same with Yuru Yuri.

Everytime I watch them I have the time of my life.
Eat shrooms, watch PSG
I can't get too drunk since I find it harder to pay attention. I like being a little bit tipsy, usually on wine or cider, and chilling with moe or haremshit. Don't like weed. It's usually better if I've had a few ciders, but also doritos, sandwiches and that like. Not chocolate though, gives me a headache and puts me in a foul mood
chocolate milk

the girliest the anime is, the better it gets

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