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>Why would I watch subs? So I can read the bottom of the screen for 20 minutes instead of watch the show?

Is this really a thing? Are these people dyslexic that they have to actually concentrate to read subtitles? Because all this time I thought it was completely normal to be able to watch the entire screen AND read the subtitles without ever shifting my focus up and down constantly.
>implying you don't pause every 5 seconds anyway to check up if there's something happening on /a/
>implying the subtitles aren't the only thing allowing you to get back into the anime for another 5 seconds when you realize /a/ is still as shit as ever
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That's what any competent reader can do. However...
Remember that most people stop reading books once their classes stop requiring them to.
To be fair, most textbooks are fucking boring as shit. I've read far more journal articles and shit about my major than I've ever read from my textbooks.

Still, some people are absolute garbage at reading. How they don't die from asphyxiation from forgetting to breathe, I don't know, but they exist.
I actually have auditory processing issues, so I end up watching most non-anime things with subtitles anyway.
What I usually do is quickly zip down with my eyes, take a "mental picture" of the subs and then continue to watch the scene while reading what I had mentally pictured.
I'm not sure. I'm one of those people who are garbage at reading. I can do alright on any other subject but reading kicks my ass hard. I'm basically trapped at a 9th grade level I've been told.

But still I can read subs real easy. Alright, so I had to pause for GitS sometimes, but otherwise it's not a big deal. And I'm not staring at the subs but the center of the screen.

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