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Why is Germany worst girl?

Europe is a very gay place
File: anonkun.jpg (696.15 KB, 1053x1070)
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696.15 KB JPG
its Switzerland not Germany retard.

Also Melopan is best girl all year every year, nerd
File: 1366169163516.jpg (373.87 KB, 600x850)
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How retarded are you
This guy is so retarded. I wish I had the swagger to walk around with a worst girl daki.
File: dealwithittea.gif (2.93 MB, 500x281)
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what are you talking about he is from Zürich they are all talking in swizzer german. You can see fucking Zürich in the video. What kind of murricunt are you
It always amazes me how the bank he works at hasn't fired him yet
File: 1386823835519.jpg (38.53 KB, 781x750)
38.53 KB
38.53 KB JPG
>Europoors getting all defensive about their insignificant countries in an IS thread

Day time /a/ truly is fucking disgusting. Go to sleep, europoors.
Truly Melonpan is a god amongst men
Why the fuck does it sound like he's trying to hack a loogie everytime he tries to talk.
File: 1376939859660.jpg (1.18 MB, 1600x1060)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB JPG
If Europe is so insignificant then why Melonpan lives in Europe?

Who the hell is the guy with the shades
I don't really understand the workings of this mans brain. But what do I know, his life is perfect and mine isn't, so something has to be going right up there.
the guy doesn't even like anime. he is just an exhibitionist who gets hard from public embarrassment.

fuck him and his country. being an accountant he literally launders money for mafia, dictators, oligarchs and terrorists.

I would take a hikkikomori alcoholic over that piece of shit any time.
I dont know but he has Nyaruko with good taste so he must be cool.

Also melonpan is rich as fug right?
File: 1326498612780.jpg (639.96 KB, 1286x854)
639.96 KB
639.96 KB JPG
and has qt kartoffell gf
File: le chink face.jpg (183.06 KB, 900x414)
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183.06 KB JPG
Would you take Danny Choo over him?
He's from Switzerland.
They are all retarded due to inbreeding and the thin air up on those mountains. Just listen to the way they speak.
File: 1384863957408.jpg (96.63 KB, 367x451)
96.63 KB
96.63 KB JPG
File: 1378164908697.png (215.31 KB, 392x411)
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>This mad
Having one of the most efficient political systems and one of the best living standards in the world, truly proves that they are retarded.
They are just getting by because the whole world stores its money there. Because the Swiss are too retarded to steal it and no country wants to invade and have to deal with the masses of retards.
>To retarded to steal it.
Careful, your ignorance is showing up. The Swiss bank system doesn't generate 10% of the national income. In any case, you wouldn't want to fuck with the guy who stores your mony.

Morality aside, that strategy proved its worth. As a small country, economic relations and diplomacy are your fundamental pilars.

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