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Don't see threads on this. Anyone else reading Ajin?
Cool concept that quickly is taking a turn for the worst. Not surprising. I will still read the releases though until it is cancelled.
Hah, nice timing. Started yesterday and quickly went through all of the chapters. Kept me entertained and I actually like the MC.
I normally don't pull the 'edgy' card,
but in all honesty, this is pretty edgy. Humans might not always be the nicest, but I feel like this is a really unrealistic response to what would happen if Ajin suddenly appeared. If we have laws against animal cruelty, the same would apply to the 'new humans'
>pretty unrealistic
C'mon, black dudes were used as slaves when people first discovered them and treated them like animal garbage for a long time. If Ajin aren't even seen or broadcasted as human by people and the media, this isn't that far-off a scenario.

Also, there ARE Ajin activists in the series, just that we haven't seen them yet because the focus is on Kei at the moment.

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