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Can we get a Accelerator thread
What's the maximum acceleration (G force) you can put unto a healthy young man for a prolonged amount of time?

Say you want to get to a target 5 light years away, and you start breaking after doing half the distance, what's the minimum travel time?
Can Accelerator accelerate himself top light speed without breaking his own body?
I don't think he has an infinite powerlevel.
he probably can, seeing as he could vector the force that would else break his body and so get to top light speed
>top light speed
As opposed to lower light speed and medium light speed?

Do you have any idea what you are saying?
can i just get some awesome pictures of him?
The boorus and pixiv exist for a reason. The reason is images.
So Demonbane thread?
bumping for calculating while at page 10
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No matter what happens, Fagccelerator still gets his head kicked like a soccer ball because he's a terrible edgy lolilover.
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accelspammer will never come back
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I need the pic where he's sitting in a corner, recharging his choker
It really depends on position and training, but I cannot find any reliable data on prolonged exposure. From personal experience though, above 1.5 G it gets pretty hard to move around comfortably. For convenience, let's just take that.

1.5 G ~ 15 m/s^2 acceleration (assuming g = 10, sue me).

The time spent travelling can be seen as twice the time spend accelerating towards the midpoint due to deceleration taking as long as acceleration.

This means we'll be accelerating at 15 m/s^2 for a distance of 9.4605284 * 10^15 meters. A back of the hand calculation shows that relativistic math is necessary since accelerating at one year would already bring us above light speed with Newtonian physics, and we know that for infinite acceleration it'd still take 2.5 years from our point of view (2.5 lightyears / speed of light). From the travelling persons point of view he'd be there instantly due to time dilation though.

Using relativistic equations for constant acceleration/deceleration swiching at the midpoint gives:
t_staticobserver = 2*sqrt((distance/(2*c))^2 + distance/acceleration) = 6.14 years
t_movingobserver = 2*(c/acceleration) *arccosinushyperbolicus(acceleration*distance/(2*c^2) + 1) = 2.89 years

There you go. Relativity is weird. Also when you arrive you'll be 3.25 years younger than your counterparts on earth.
for a distance of 2.5 * 9.4605284 * 10^15

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