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File: still_01.jpg (63.71 KB, 680x383)
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Episode 5 of Chuunibyo

Preview pics and movie were posted on the homepage.

File: still_02.jpg (46.87 KB, 680x383)
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Fujoshi warning.
Keep out.
File: still_03.jpg (46.66 KB, 680x383)
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if you look closely, they made cardboard separators
File: still_04.jpg (37.16 KB, 680x383)
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Who is this girl? The stalker?
File: still_05.jpg (45.86 KB, 680x383)
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last pic
>Stewardess Nibutani
Chuuni epidemy in school?
here is a ranking thread (but no keywords in the OP):
File: 1391123078896.gif (2.31 MB, 480x270)
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2.31 MB GIF
While I do like Kumin very much, I wonder if Satone is even going to show up in this episode. She was pretty much a background character in the last one and didn't show up at all in the preview video for this. I want more jealous Rikka, damn it.
My moon is too weak, what's being said in the video?
They have to present club activities - and since it is the oriental magic and napping club in summer (or something), they are doing a sleepover.

Think about it: Sleeping as club activity.
Something along the lines of get the fuck out dumb fujoshit
Watch out for KyoAni
The public enemy of anime #1
They is the main responsible for...
☑ Free!
☑ Kyoukai no Kanata
☑ K-On
☑ Leaking Chuunibyou from ANN
☑ Making Yamamoto Yutaka quit
☑ Killing anime in 2011
☑ Killing anime in 2012
☑ Killing anime in 2013
☑ Hostile takeover of /a/
☑ The development of the .H264 10-bit profile
☑ Attempted assassination of Trigger and Manglobe
☑ Successful assassination of Deen, Bones, and Madhouse
☑ Trying to change standard anime naming scheme
☑ Flooding Thailand to increase HDD prices and promote 10-bit video
☑ Shutting down kyoanisucks.com
☑ The development of the future .H265 10-bit profile
☑ Soiling Game of Thrones with unwatchable 10-bit
☑ Removing loli and rape from TVTropes
☑ Ruining a Q&A session with Hadena's Head of Public Relations
☑ Rotating several virgins' velocidensity and didn't take responsibility
☑ Orchestrating the large-scale banning of piratebay.se throughout the UK and most of the European Union
☑ The development of the future .H265 10-bit profile
☑ Fucking up the continuation of FMP
☑ Introducing Kentaro Miura to iDOLM@STER, and constantly distracting Yoshihiro Togashi
☑ Extreme homophobia
☑ Allowing Naruto threads on /a/.
☑ Delaying and mixing up several free Stella Artois chalices
☑ Making the ugly ass icons on NT, making it unusable
☑ Attempted assassination of tokyotosho
☑ Successful assassination of Steve Jobs because Mac computers could not play 10-bit
☑ Hindering intergalactic relations
☑ Holding good anime hostage and forcing people to watch Tamako Market
☑ Causing anime to be bumped for the 2012 Olympic Games
☑ Humiliating Mitsuhiro Ichiki
☑ Attempted assassination of SilverLink
☑ Shutting down Eri Kitamura's Twitter account
☑ Creating Chuunibyou

Shaftsuckers please go.
File: niggers.jpg (158.91 KB, 829x1200)
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158.91 KB JPG
This is now canon
How'd you come to the conclusion that I'm a fujoshi:
Something like

Meeting of representatives?
Yeah, you know, you're using the clubroom but I can't see your activities...
No need to worry. Jaoushingan is all-powerful.
So cute, Master!
Ah, it's so hot...
Hm? Then I will fight you seriously.
We won't lose to you!
Weren't you sleepy?
The darkness comes!
>still watching Chuu2 Ren
>being dumb as fuck and new enough not to understand
Doesn't take a genius to figure out.
No idea how
turned into
>nibutani in more cute cosplay

they know what we want
Speak for yourself, fujoshit.
There are at least three girls i'd like to see more.
I hope we don't have to wait til Thursday for subs like last week.
Kumin episode.
You keep using that word.
bump for sleeping with Kumin

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