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Dear /a/,

Looking for a new anime to watch. Issue is, every one I try ends up betraying me and being the same stale bullshit I hate. Would like some kind advice for series to check out or at least what keywords to use.

What I'd like:
- minimum of moe bullshit (fanservice is fine)
- not about teenagers (they can be around, but the focus can't be their idiotic teenage shit)
- action-oriented with "realistic" fighting (by the quotes I mean: fine if there is magic or might-as-well be magic technology, not fine if "fights" consist of the bad guy talking about their power levels and sad life story and giving "attacks" special names)
- philosophy can be pretentious and overwrought, as long as it's not just "HE WAS DEFEATED BECAUSE OF THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIP"
- Preferably relatively short (aka has a focused, driven story the writers are trying to tell instead of "bad guy of the week" or serialized how-long-can-we-milk-it bastardry)

Examples that have fit this in order of how much I enjoyed them:
Cowboy Bebop
Ghost in the Shell SAC (though the 2nd season was shitty)
Attack on Titan
Darker Than Black
Black Lagoon

Thank you in advance for your thoughtful replies
Fuck off newfag, kill yourself.
Thanks for the bump (^-^;;)
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boku no pico
I saw that and tried many of them, and almost all broke at least one of the things I'd like. I've also googled, used automatic recommendation sources, the works. Either what I like is a vanishingly small market, or I just don't know the right way to ask machines about it. This is why I have posted here.

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