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So I'm currently re-watching NGE because it's been like forever.
I just finished all the episodes and something feels just kinda odd to me.
Mostly because there are 3 things that I vaguely remember but not a single one has happened.
The 3 things are:
Shinji stealing a bike or getting accused of stealing a bike.
Shinji fapping over a hospitalized Asuka.
Shinji choking Asuka in a kitchen or something.
Please don't spoil anything for me.
Just tell me if that stuff will happen in the movies or if my mind is fucking with me.
I'm just really fucking confused right now.
Maybe I was watching a censored version and didn't even notice it.
Happens in the movie bro.
The last two happen in the movie
I don't think the first one happened unless its in one of the remakes that I've never watched
>Shinji fapping over a hospitalized Asuka.
Anno only put that scene in there to fuck with the fans aftter they sent him death threats and shit
The last two are the movie, but I actually have memories of the first thing happening in the original series as well?

I haven't watched the remake, so it's odd to say the least.
>Shinji stealing a bike or getting accused of stealing a bike.
I think it's something from the manga.
The entire movie is just Anno giving fans the middle finger. It's awesome.
I fucking hate Anno for that.
I really like Asuka because her condition hits really close to home for me.
But asuka doesn't have autism, anon.
You have to admit its still kind of awesome though, the entire movie is designed just to piss you off.
He gave us everything missing from the series but in such a way that it always left a sour taste, answered every question we had with more questions, and the whole thing just makes you feel completely awful afterwards.
Just from a design and animation stand point its actually pretty neat.
But it just hurts me to see Asuka suffering.
I just want her to be happy.
>Shinji stealing a bike or getting accused of stealing a bike.

Are you sure that you're not confusing this for pokemon?
>implying shinji can even ride a bike
he's dadless anon
>Implying Shinji isn't the bicycle

He's a slut.
OP was just mixing up the NGE manga and the NGE anime.
>pic related
File: rei.jpg (1.31 MB, 2000x1195)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB JPG
And that's why waifufags are the worst.

Actually, Shinji gets accused of stealing a bike in the manga.
File: 1390697882483.jpg (122.68 KB, 1205x1600)
122.68 KB
122.68 KB JPG

>In the last scene on TV, Shinji accepts everyone and they all congratulate him; that was a very nice end and I felt very happy.
>This year I graduate from middle school, and now my focus is on being a high school student, and so that's why I'll now make my best effort.
>I'm going to see the EVA movie. I'm worried about what will happen to Shinji in the movie (but I like the last scene on the TV series a lot).
>And thanks to EVA, I've started like myself and that has made me very happy. <cut> Mr. Anno, please keep working on EVA a lot more.<cut> and thank you so much for everything!!

I wonder what that kid thought about EoE.

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