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So i just finished eureka seven ao and i gotta say i really enjoyed it. I was a big eureka seven fan before this I've marathoned it twice and seeing how Ao looks, sounds and acts like a cross between renton and eureka really brings back memories of seeing them interact with each other. the only complaints i have are the ages of the pilots are really young and the ending seemed off. The choice he made lacked logic.

So whats your opinion /a/? did you find the ending off too?
Eureka Seven was shit, AO even more so
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whys that?
why did you watch AO if you didn't like the first sires?
Didn't watch either.
I'm just the voice of /a/.
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well aren't you mystical
>big eureka seven fan
>enjoyed Eureka 7 AO
How the fuck?
it was fun for what it was
AO was terrible, it killed the first series.

Also type with proper grammar, for fuck's sake.
>So i just finished eureka seven ao and i gotta say i really enjoyed it. I was a big eureka seven fan
You are a rare breed my friend. I too enjoyed AO probably because I didn't care that much about E7.
what was the big problem ao that i missed?>>101459604
is it really so odd that i liked them both
A lot of people hated it because it wasn't a rehash and what they did with Renton and Eureka also Truth was a really bad character and sucked up the life of the show whenever he appeared.
I will agree with the truth point however im fine with it not being a rehash.

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