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Reference for westerners must not Cosplay because they only ruing Anime : http://antiwc2.tumblr.com/post/74579277052

westerners are retarded :
1. westerners could not make any Anime.
2. western super heroes wore their panty outside.
3. They keep claiming having big penis while having big penis actually make someone dumb, just see african who have the biggest penis are the most poor and less advanced peoples.
4. More and more of them trying hard to act and look like us Asians, claim as one of us Asians and even believe as one of us Asians while they are the one who massacres over 500000 innocent Japanese using nukes.
5. They believe they are as cute and as youthful as us Asians when they imitate our Anime/Asian characters while they just look like SHITS.
6. Etc
Agree. Stay proud my Asian friend.
You westerners are fat, hairy and smelly compared to us Asians, that is why fast food, deodorant and shaving wax sells very well in your western countries compared to our Asian countries, this fact also shows you westerners are less evolved because you westerners look and smell much closer to caveman
How retarded it is to wore your panty outside especially for super heroes who supposedly become as role models? I can see you agreed.
Massive group of newfags and shitposters incoming.

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