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Which senshi is your favorite senshi?
Also do you think they will be overly pure in the new series unlike in the original one?

Mars da best
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Mercury has been my waifu since time immemorial.
though moon and mars are great fap material
Inner senshi ranking: Mercury >= Jupiter > Mars >>> Moon >>>>>> Venus
>fapping to Moon
Black Dog has teach me to love all the senshi equally and grow up to become a middle age man with mad piston skillz
File: Sailor_Pluto-42147.jpg (58.51 KB, 352x640)
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Christmas cake scientist moe is the best.
based black dog
File: ace yaoi doujins.jpg (358.97 KB, 864x874)
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Speaking of which, Naoko apparently supports doujins. Pic related.
Chibiusa, easily.
Next would be Moon.
Anyone got those pages where the author discusses the series prototype?
oh I remember that. don't have 'em though
File: ami the cyborg.png (632.74 KB, 749x1125)
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I only have the cyborg Ami one.
Where is Tuxedo Mask? He may not be a sailor senshi, but he is a senshi still, and he fulfills the role of Sailor Earth.
I swear I've seen the cyborg-version or something similar somewhere
I had it, but lost it, sorry.

I can dump every Sailor Moon issue daily (including Sailor V), but whenever I do it, it's pretty dead, except a couple days ago, but that was the only time. Does anyone here want me to dump Sailor V around this time of the day, everyday?
please respond.
I could wait until the time people responded last time, hoping they'll get on today as well, but that would be 2am, and I'm not a NEET so I can't let myself go to bed at such a time.
>Had a huge crash on Rei
>Time passes
>Rewatch whole series
>Having a crush on Minako

I'm not really into the whole waifu thing, but i do feel like cheating

Sailor Moon threads usually either thrive or fly away like dead leaves on /a/.

I think you'd need to find the specific times SM threads do good in first.
File: 1-38.jpg (864.12 KB, 1184x1734)
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I can't be here all the time though. But I really want to dump the whole Sailor V / Sailor Moon saga. But when nobody responds, and I have limited time, it's difficult.
What are Reis three sizes?

Just try to establish your own sort of schedule for now. Things will eventually pick up as time goes on.
Why does Chibi Moon have the widest and curviest hips?
Man, Mercury is such hottie
Well, I hope so. That's what I was thinking of doing, but if nobody is around at the time I do it, it's unlikely more people will be there the next day at the same time. But I'll do that and see what happens - if I still get nothing after I dump all of Sailor V, I'll just stop. Thank you!

She's a Cancer (not the 4chan type). The characters' astrological signs have been taken into account for their personality and appearance.

I'm going to begin dumping chapter 9 of Sailor V in another thread.
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>2 votes for Moon, the sweetest and cutest character
>8 votes for Mercury, the obssessive workaholic with shitty attacks
>14 votes for Mars, the most aggressive one, who even downright hates men in the manga
You faggots.
File: df.jpg (33.25 KB, 294x501)
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I can't help but love her.
I think western audience was always more into "mature and cool" types than sweet and cute.
I'm with you though.
The dump is here, if anyone's interested.
File: 1390095675581.jpg (26.70 KB, 640x480)
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Rei is so pretty.

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