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Am I crazy for thinking this is way better than Idolmaster?
that's not a high bar to leap over
Yes, and probably on drugs, too.
It is better.
Not crazy, probably just a shitposter.
I like it.
>everyone who disagrees with me ever is shitposters

I wish saying that word was an autoban. It has lowered the already pathetic level of discourse on /a/ to fucking nothing.
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Idolmaster was a shamelessly vapid sugary-sweet candy-colored cutesploitation show. If you're into such a thing, I guess it's great. Me, the only episode I could stand to even watch all the way through was Chiahaya's one, and only because it was 80% crying.

WUG on the other hand is drab, gray, depressing and sordid. I love it. I wish it had a higher budget so it didn't look like a fan animation, but I'm enjoying it way the fuck more than IM (which is to say, I can actually watch entire episodes of it painlessly).
It's not about disagreement, it's about taking a meme-tier opinion and then intentionally starting threads using it in direct opposition of something incredibly popular even when there's almost zero basis for comparison.

Yamakan is not saving anime and WUG has practically nothing in common with iM@S and if you say "hurrdurr they're both about idols" that just proves that you have no fucking clue what the point of either show really is

So yes, you are shitposting, and no amount of you trying to claim that your trolling is really super serious is going to change that.
>Y-y-you can't compare idol shows!

what the fuck is wrong with you kid

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