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ITT: Create an anime season
Hard mode: It must contain a mix of genres that will appeal to all of /a/.
Not even thinly veiled recommendation thread.
Spice and Wolf 3
Full Metal Panic! 3
Tantei Opera Milky Holmes: Return to Damedame
Generic RomCom Adapted from a Light Novel with an Extremely Long Title
My Little Sister is a Slut
Lucky Star 2
A Gundam show that doesn't suck
All channels shows a purple haired girl biting a fish 24/7 until you like it.
Burger King Demon season 2
Chainsaw Zombie Dude season 3
Incest Harem second season
Waterworld with space man season 2
Ixion Saga DT 2
Sailor Moon remake
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>Tantei Opera Milky Holmes: Return to Damedame

If only...
Oh motherfucker.

Horizon S3
Whatever Satoshi Kon would do if he was alive
Speed Racer 201X
Yuri Harem.
>appeal to all of /a/.

Original project by Koutarou Ishidate
At Swim-Two-Birds by MAPPA (directed by Yuasa)
14-sai no Koi by KyoAni
Baccano S2 by Brain's Base
Jojo Part 4 by DavidPro
Medaka Box S3 by SHAFT
Yuri Seijin Naoko-san TV Series by ufotable
Korean Zombie Desk Car S3
Non Non Biyori S2
Votoms remake
Ben-to S2
Muromi-san S2
Tonari no Seki-kun S2
and some originals
Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer S1 (Shonen)
GATE: The JSDF was there S1 (Harem, Fantasy)
High School DxD: Newer (Ecchi)
Inferno Cop S2 (Justice)
Tribuster (Mecha)
GITS:SAC3 (Sci-Fi)
Kaiji S3 (Gambling)
Tsukhime (Remake)
Legend of the Thirty Years War (Historical)
Minamoto-kun monogatari OVAs (Lewd)
Little Witch Academia: Freshman Year
No Harem Romance show
Otaku Pandering show
and a couple comedy shorts
Man gets turned into a loli.
Has yurisecks with his loli daughter.
>Lucky Star 2
why are you so cruel anon? I should just an hero already, no point living in a world without college Konata

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