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Is the wall made of titans? How much more of the manga is not shown in the anime?
The show covered almost everything. The manga does a remarkable job of explaining nothing. We still don't know whats in the basement, why there are titans in the wall, how or why people transform, if the titans are made of yeast ect.

There's going to be a season 2 eventually. The creator literally said he changed some things due to how popular it got. He gave some bullshit excuse, but we all know it's because he wants to milk it.
Don't mind me while I hijack this thread into a SnK spoiler week hype thread.

2 more days to go, anons.
On a scale of 1 to Hannes, how dead is Levi's leg?
deathflag dead.
When the manga first started, Armin mentioned that there is no way to tell that the walls won't be broken that very day.
A second later, Bert accidentally tripped on the wall.

After Stohess, Armin said that there is no way to say that the titans in the wall won't take a walk - all at once.
When will this happen?

None of that made any sense.
I asked when the titans in the wall will take a walk, just like Armin said they would.
>How much more of the manga is not shown in the anime?

The actual question is:
>How much more is going to be added and left without anything ever getting resolved?
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she got out of the crystal after timeskip

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