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/a/'s opinions on this series? I enjoy it myself and have never even visited /v/ so don't even try going there.
So Rudy is one of the people of the land isn't he?
>and have never even visited /v/ so don't even try going there
The faggot doth protest too much >>>/v/
ugh, always the same bullshit with you plebs.
It's well liked here.
The author has posted here and done Q&A's a few times.
>is one of the people of the land isn't he
Is he? If he's one of them why he can cast magic though?
on the whole, there is a large group of /a/nons that enjoy the series enough to maintain long-running general threads over the course of the week. Marmalade has personally visited us to thank us for supporting the anime release and answered a lot of our questions, on topics ranging from cross-server travel, to limitations of technological advancements past steam-engines, to whether or not he condones people having Akatsuki as their waifu. He is probably the biggest bro that has ever graced /a/, and many hope he'll pay us a visit again. Pastebin with a plethora of questions for him is being maintained by a few /a/nons as well.
speaking of the general, here's a link:

Picked up for cute princess. Stayed for delicate world build. Normally I don't watch shows with lots of background or setting which if done wrong would looks like being written by a chuunibyou middle schooler, but apparently Mamare did a good job and watching his work is a fantastic trip.
he personally said in his visit to /a/ that he didn't write LH for himself, but wrote it because he knew it would be a story other people would like.

so yeah, so shitty self-insert bullshit shenanigans

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