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story time /a/

Got my last gf into anime and she came across Toradora. She said she loved it but I never watched it with her. Now I'm really into SoL's and romances but..that gf recently broke up with me. Should I wait for the next girl to come along and watch this kawaii piece of shit with or is it so good I shouldn't wait? I have it downloaded but I'm hesitant.
Fuck off back to facebook.
Holy shit, fucking blog elsewhere faggot and stay there.
I think first up you should take a few yoga classes and get very flexible
I mean very very flexible (trust me on this part)

Then lay down on your back and stick your legs up into the air, try and get them as far back as possible.

Then the next stage is to bend that tiny little penis of yours around the back off your ass and go and fuck yourself

Then when you're done go and make a fucking tumblr account and blog about your experiences you fucking dipshit
Yo OP just watch and then re-watch it with ur new girl. It's that good. Why do you think people rewatch it in december.

Also fuck you Op this isnt ur fucking blog!
that wasn't a story you asshat that was a blog
So you basically want /a/'s opinion on whether or not you should watch anime with a girl?
Are you an idiot? Come up with a better excuse to make a thread next time.

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