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tfw NONE of your friends are into manga,anime,LN,VN, etc...

its not that i even hide my power level. there's just no one around at all.

if i do come in contact with people that share my hobby they just talk about bleach, naruto, and one piece.

... it's like /a/ is the only place i can go to
Nice blog faggot
>watching anime

I have a relative who is very into anime, we can discuss most things anime, but I refrain from mentioning specific shows I have watched/am watching that are too embarrassing to mention.
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>tfw NONE of your friends are into manga,anime,LN,VN, etc...

Fuck that,let them rot with their shitty taste
I got a few people that like anime
Work bro: streams, likes one piece, can convince him to watch decent stuff
best bro: Barely watches currently airing stuff unless I force him, buys anime, hard to make him watch shit even if he likes it
second best bro: streams, dub mostly, one piece naruto bleach are his favorite anime
Good friend from middle school: He showed me Slayers and Kenshin before it ever aired on Toonami. Not into anime too much now but has watched every Gundam and got him to watch HxH 1999 recently. Randomly liked NIchijou. Mostly refuses to watch subs.

Good friend from high school: Got me into tons of anime, Monster, Golden Boy, Azumanga Daioh, etc. Let me borrow a HDD with around 70 shows on it when I was still a pretty big newfag to anime. Into a wide variety of stuff from the 70s up to recent times. Had a kid and got married and barely watches now but we have good talks on stuff he's already watched. Probably the biggest influence on my taste.

Other good high school friend: Toonami guy, got him to watch Monster, Welcome to the NHK, and Berserk. Recently watched Lain. Really liked Elfen Lied in high school. Hard to get to watch much as he prefers to play games.

Other high school friend: Met because of /b/ shit back in the mid 2000s. Liked mostly gay shit or older anime such as Ranma, JoJo, Gravitation, Death Note. Recently watched all of HxH 2011 with me and got him to read the manga. Pretty good taste now and we hang out and watch OVAs often.

Brother: Got him to watch/read Berserk, read FMA, watch Golden Boy, and many other manga. Started getting into other manga himself

Cousin: Got into anime really recently which was a surprise to me. Watched only newer harem/ecchi/romance shows. Really liked Hyouka, Chuuni, Ano Hana, Clannad, etc. Trying to get him into good stuff...
You should be embarrassed only by the fact that you're afraid of not gaining his approval and not due to any of the anime you've enjoyed. Never regret anything that ever made you smile, anon.
I have online friend that I can talk to about anime, manga, VN, LN, novels, games, etc...

None in person, but I meet them sometimes irl if the chance arises. Went for Karaoke with one at Akihabara a few weeks ago.
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Recommend School Days/Angel Beats to your cousin. It'll have the bonus to be really amusing to see him by the end of it.
Don't romanticise too hard, OP; I have a 1-for-2 success rate with /a/nons not being shitheads in real life.

Sage for blogshit.
>tfw ALL of your friends are into manga, anime

/a/ is not your blog.
>I have a 1-for-2 success rate with /a/nons not being shitheads in real life.
Wow, you've got great luck.

90% of the people that I've met that claim to be form /a/ are usually really terrible.

I thought it was fun at first but holy shit some people.
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Every single one of my friends is into anime and manga.

Every single one of said anime and manga is disgusting cancer and entry level shit like One Piece, Nuruto, Kenichi and Bleach.
File: 1364159509693.jpg (153.10 KB, 650x650)
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>have a best bro I've known for years that watches anime and plays video games with me
>lately starting to develop romantic feelings to him

What do /a/? He has a gf...
File: 1348012798493.png (250.88 KB, 402x499)
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>best friend is into anime and lurks /a/
>has opposite tastes to me and we can almost never talk about something we both like
if you see this, your have shit taste steve

sage for lolblog
My closest friends have pretty decent taste in anime and manga for being normals.

However, weaboos in my university are the worst. They refuse to watch anything but generic harems except for Fairy Tail which they treat as the funnest thing ever.
File: 1312486791942.jpg (154.77 KB, 400x505)
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>Having "friends" in the first place.
Fuck off.
The non-shithead is top-tier bro material, too, so I really can't complain.
I successfully change my friend's taste, graduating from shounenshit. He's not watching Log Horizon. (and Nisekoi for the lulz)
His favorite anime was Princess Lover though. I really don't know why.
>stop watching anime
>start becoming a normalfag
>come back to it a few years later
>watch some of the recommended stuff
>actually like some of it
>don't have anyone to discuss it with
>decide to go to a local con
>huge fucking mistake
>sperglords and creepy people in general
>that smell
>decide to go to a anime/manga club meeting, quickly found over the interent
>even bigger mistake
>go back to being a normalfag, waiting on the next berserk chapter
cuz its fucking nerd shit bro lmao
File: 1329593316757.gif (492.41 KB, 341x281)
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I pretty much have the same problem, OP.

There's this friend of a friend I know who's pretty big into anime and stuff, but he's literally autistic and starts sperging all over the place whenever I'm around 'cause he knows I'm into it, too.

I remember seeing him at some get-together, and as soon as he saw me, he started asking me if I ever heard about Danganronpa. I wouldn't have had a problem with this if it weren't for the fact that he was clearly more audible than everyone else in the room. I sort of just nodded my head and tried to change the subject to what he was studying in university.
That's your fault for trying to blend in with normalfags in the first place. You deserved it.
well, most of my friends are into american sitcoms and the only person i know that watches anime likes ecchi so i just recommended him to watch stb. dunno if he started watching it since he is a graduating student this semester.

sage for blogshit
This shit isn't hard, OP. Show them the most suitable entry-level show.
I usually start with Kaiji, it's got a pretty good pacing, compelling plot that urges you to watch the next episode. It's a good start, in which you can discuss the pros and flaws of the series.
A great thing which could start their interest is Redline, it has great production values as well as being a wild and memorable ride. You might want to watch out for SEVEN YEARS HAND-DRAWN TITS depending on how much of a prude your friend is.
Another show which you could use is Titan. The concept is interesting enough, which usually gets them to watch more than three episodes.
A show that works for people having trouble with subs is Cowboy Beepboop, since the dub is alright. I would advise against it, though, since it doesn't have THAT much of a "hook you in and marathon this shit".

After that, if they're interested, watch some more shit with them, like FMA or Baccano or if you're feeling ballsy, hype up Gurren Lagann and tell them they're in for a wild ride.

If you want to get them into more relaxed shows and shit, try Silver spoon or possibly Nichijou, although Nichijou might get old really fast. You might want to cherry-pick the episodes you watch before-hand. After one of those, you could try Working!!, Hataraku Maou-sama, maybe even S&W. I can tell you right now that getting a normalfriend into SoL is very hard, and not every person can get into it as easy as the entry-level shows.
I want the normies to leave.

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