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Haven't seen this show since it came out, but an ad while watching Kill la Kill reminded me, and wanted to ask.
How do you say Naruto properly? When the show came out I was in middle school and said "na-roo-toe" but my usually well informed friend who spoke some Japanese said "nar-toe" was the correct way to say it. The ad seemed to be saying something else.
So how do you say it? Let me put this stupid curiosity to rest /a/.
No, you actually had it right. Sounds like that friend was full of shit.
thanks stranger
Are you sure it's not just how most people say it incorrectly? Like a lot of people say mang-gah incorrectly as "manh-gah"
it's inbetween both
na ru to are the syllables, but japanese often slur u sounds, so it's distinctly nah roo toe, but pronounced in conversion it would sound closer to nar(u)toe
you might have not have been listening carefully to your friend
>in conversation
Oh, sounds right then, thanks
murricans don't roll their R's so any attempt to speak a foreign language will sound like shit.
Ner-haroOOoOOo-tao(pronounced 'dao')
>ad while watching Kill la Kill
> rolling your rs to say naruto

Pronounce it ナルト or fuck off opie
File: 1348674437548.jpg (2.97 MB, 2550x2957)
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You do not "slur" the sound, they have a softer u on unvoiced phonemes.
Picture should explain everything, it's Nah-roo-toh (please don't lengthen the o sound like Americans usually do).
File: 1377764137420.jpg (56.75 KB, 692x659)
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please anon, the wounds are still fresh
God, you murricans make me cringe everytime I see these pronounciation threads.

Think of Germans what you want but we actually can say Japanese words without sounding like assholes.
Like wise it goes the other way round too. Japanese who have lived in Germany for a while, sound surprisingly good, speaking better German than some Germans, especially those with dialect.
Wow that's so cool that it almost impressed me. Some Americans don't want to sound like assholes so they ask how to pronounce things. You hate on murricans when they lack culture and then when they try to do better at cultural things. Be a little more fair to them/us/whatever
Nah loo toe-dattebayo
Naro - Grand sponsor tokyo day oh christmas - too

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