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hey so i read this book on loneliness today and one section said that people with few friends take comfort in obsessing over celebrities and/or fictional figures online and on TV to make up for their lack of social life.

That kinda sums up the waifu thing on /a/, doesn't it?
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Not sure, but how true is this?
i think they're just lonely.
There's a difference between those who just want to have an obsession and those that feel something with a fictional character, to those who aren't the latter it looks like a fine line between the two but those who are can see the vast difference between themselves and someone who worships a celebrity
Trying to understand it is a mistake and it falls under "muh feelins" when trying to categorize the two, but for the most part if she's 3D it's not a waifu, if the guy wants to only have sex with it, it's not a waifu, and most importantly if the guy can see himself with someone else, or considers himself not "with" her then it's not a waifu
Personally mai waifu probably characterizes everything bad about me
>people with few friends take comfort in obsessing over x
>That kinda sums up the waifu thing on /a/

No shit Sherlock. You had to read a fucking book to figure that out?

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