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So, just got into this the other day. I don't try to find and read too many action-focused manga these days, but I just couldn't resist the fan service. I was pleasantly surprised at the set-up of abilities in this story, though. I mean, it basically translates into the same kind of action scenes and moves you'd see in other stories, but I don't think I'm alone here in just appreciating the concepts and style of the abilities characters have in shounen manga, right?

That said, I'm having a bit of trouble understanding myself how some of the characters' abilities 'work'. Anyone here willing to explain them for me?
Everyone's thema is based around the 7 Deadly Sins. Each of the girls in the Trinity Seven specialize in a school of magic, Arata being the Magic King can absorb and copy these abilities.

Also enjoy the ride, Trinity Seven is probably one of my favorite on-going manga right now.
MC's personal loli grimoire is the best girl.
all girls are best girl anon
even if i prefer levi
My confusion was more about what the girls' thema actually are. Like, what are Chaos Runes? I don't really have a solid grasp on just what they are. Or the Mantra Magic. How did taking that translate into the MC shooting out a dragon from his hand? I thought it just enhanced his physical abilities. Or does it enhance his magic as well? And if so, wasn't Outer Alchemy supposed to be the magic that helped him direct his magic instead of indiscriminately hitting everyone?
I heard good things about the MC.

Can anyone confirm it?
Who cares
the only reason to read this is tits and asses
Hes not all that special. Its just harem MCs in general are absolutely awful and since he isn't beta or stupid as hell he looks really good in comparison.
There are two kinds of harem MCs we usually see. The ultra spineless ones. And the ones who are too perverted, to the extent that they come off as being too sleazy to realistically like. The MC here is pretty pervy himself, but he strikes an alright balance.
A rare harem where all girls are the best. Too bad the MC is still not that good.
>A rare harem where all girls are the best
Besides Lilith.

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