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Which was better for anime



How come the latter gets an eleven year timespan?

Regardless, modern-day all the way.

How is this a choice of course it's the 2000's. Higher quality, more developed characters, and just much higher standards all around besides a few.
2000-2010 definitely
Hard choice actually. The 2000s had a higher number of good productions, but the 90s had a few game-changing heavy-hitters like Evangelion, Nadia, Princess Mononoke, Berserk, Cowboy Bebop, etc. that nothing in the 2000s can touch.
Anime died in the 21th century

Captcha: according byppoll
Everything except early digital, shit sucks.
This was pretty much the low point in anime history.
>twenty firth
File: evolution.jpg (201.80 KB, 320x1270)
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80's > 70's > 00's > 10's > 90's
This looks about right.
File: rally.jpg (220.27 KB, 1183x1640)
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I like how 90s stuff looks though. Even if it has that kind of trashy "90s anime club" flavor to it in retrospect.
>gunsmith cats
>not as 80s as it gets
I should have included 1980-1989.
This. Anime was revitalized by NGE and then the industry got all fucked up again when the global recession hit at the end of 2007.
File: 1382323878411.jpg (575.51 KB, 900x800)
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Oh look, a reason to post this
>No glorious 80's hair
File: touhou is reclining.png (217.14 KB, 449x489)
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217.14 KB PNG
2010s anime has been getting more pointy chins, I don't like it, I thought we were past pointy chins
Both of those look great.
I prefer 1990-1999
Hard to say OP, both had a lot of shitty trends and even though the early 2000s were good, they ended with complete mental diarrhea so it's hard to say.

I'm liking the 10s so far. Good shit, good shit.
Which is why it's a good comparison.
File: 1383272085753.png (23.41 KB, 640x480)
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fuck you pointy chins are cool
I really like gainax
pick the one with Cardcaptor Sakura in it
File: 2010s.jpg (864.71 KB, 2162x906)
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Gainax is not overly guilty of it.

I'm just already tired of this shit.

2010 was such a great year for anime
File: akko wants to show you.gif (1.58 MB, 480x270)
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1.58 MB GIF
2010, 2011, and 2012 were all pretty good honestly.

2013 would have been total garbage if Trigger didn't save us though.
File: 1390094166920.gif (965 KB, 300x297)
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965 KB GIF

This. I don't think there will ever be something as good as Sword Arts Online again. Kill la Kill is okay, but its just not as good.
File: 1382055010263.jpg (111.11 KB, 800x800)
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Mah trigga
1990s > 2000s. The 1990s had good mecha, good action, good characters, and good stories. The 2000s had the decline of the OVA, the rise of more and more shounen, the stratospheric rise of haremshit, and trainwreck after trainwreck.

>Cowboy Bebop
>Gundam 0083
>Gundam 08th MS Team
>Gundam F91
>Initial D (Stages 1 and 2)
>JJBA: Stardust Crusaders OVA
>Macross 7
>Macross Plus
>Turn-A Gundam
>Victory Gundam

>Boku no Pico
>Code Geass
>Eureka Seven
>Gundam 00
>Gundam SEED
>Gundam SEED Destiny
>Initial D (Stages 3 and 4, Extra and Extra 2)
>Kannazuki no Miko
>Nyan Koi!
>Love Hina
>To Love-Ru
>True Tears
>White Album
70's>80's>10's>00's>60's>Moon Period>>>>90's

It isn't even because of that picture, it's just that I can't look at a great deal of 90's stuff without thinking of every Weeb who used to draw anime in highschool.
>cherry picking
>listing GitS in the 90s and ignoring SAC
>implying the film wasn't way better than the TV anime
>implying the manga isn't better and from the 80s

Not him, but when you compare full decade's you're obviously going to cherry pick.
Overall, I think the 90's were better but if you pick and compare the top 5 anime for both, I think the 00's would be better.
Fuck, if you want to talk 80s... just right off the bat:
>Hokuto no Ken
>Z Gundam
>ZZ Gundam

Basically, anything Showa > anything Heisei.
>Boku no Pico
>implying this doesn't make the 2000s the clear winner
If you're going to cherry pick you can at least try to make your choices appear legit instead of throwing bottom of the barrel shit like Naruto, Kampfer, Bleach, etc in there.
>implying Bleach and Naruto aren't the best the 2000s has to offer

Code Geass, Death Note, Clannad, Gurren Lagann, FMA:B, KnK, just to name a few.

Also since you mentioned Princess Mononoke, I'll mention Spirited Away.
Hahahaha damn
You damn cherrypicking bastard
>lists the worst of the 2000s

The 2000s were way better than the 90s. The 90s had gems, but not many. 2000s had a considerably higher volume of decent anime too.
File: 1356050807590.jpg (108.14 KB, 464x464)
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108.14 KB JPG
2000-2010. The 90s had some great series but so did the early-mid 2000s, hell every year of the 2000s had some gems.

For example, one could say of 90 anime -
>YuYu Hakusho
>Outlaw Star
>Sailor Moon
>Utena>Cowboy Bebop
>Crest of the Stars
>Big O
>Record of Lodoss War
>NGE / EoE
>Initial D
>Cutey Honey

But the 2000s had -
>Tatami Galaxy
>Kino's Journey
>Paranoia Agent
>Spice and Wolf
>Ika Musume
>Lucky Star
>Darker than Black
>Welcome to the NHK

Unless you're a nostalgiafag it's not even close imo. 90s had some good stuff, but the 2000s smokes it from variety and quality range. Cute girls shows as we know them today weren't really around much in the 90s, while the 2000s had those plus many great non-moe shows too.

I'll add to that..

>Black Lagoon
>Detroit Metal City
>Arakawa Under the Bridge
>Hack Sign
>Code Geass (I don't know how you could have not had fun with this)
>Kenshin OVAs
>Death Note first half
>Ergo Proxy (I liked it)
>First season of Jigoku Shoujo
>Ouran High School
>Scrapped Princess
>Genshiken first season
>Big O (technically ended in 2000)
>Chrono Crusade
>Denpa Teki no Kanojo
>Eve no Jikan
>Full Metal Panic
>Twelve Kingdoms
>Last Exile
>Midori no Hibi
>Nyan Koi
>Samurai 7
>Samurai Champloo

You get the picture, the 90s didn't have much on 2000s.
I am laughing way too much at this.
Forgetting Ginga.... series that makes OP's topic discussable
You forgot Aria, Natsume Yuujinchou San, and Monster.
File: 1390865281790.jpg (31.84 KB, 261x430)
31.84 KB
31.84 KB JPG
These niggas
File: cff.png (64.69 KB, 625x626)
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64.69 KB PNG
>Death Note

please anon, stop making it so obvious
Allow me to interject.
Seto no Hanayome
Dennou Coil
Mouryou no Hako
Seirei no Moribito
Kemono no Souja Erin
Birdy Decode
Aoi Bungaku
I'll take a regular supply of TV anime over the odd OVA, thank you.

Frankly said, the 00s were still alright, but I feel like the moeshit has been more cancerous recently.
I don't mean shows like KnK, Nisekoi or even Madoka. What I mean is garbage like idol shows, cute-girls-doing-cute-things shows, and shows that moefy something like tanks or war planes.
I was always thinking moeshit was okay as long as that doesn't lower the amount of shows for people that don't like it. But recently the amount of moeshit has exploded, and the amount of other anime has significantly shrunken.
This can't be good. It's like the "social game" boom.
1990-1999, but the 80's was objectively the best anime decade
File: winter2014NEWHOTNESS.jpg (1.55 MB, 1653x3043)
1.55 MB
1.55 MB JPG
Pictured is a chart of Winter 2014's TV anime. Mark down what you would consider as "moeshit".
Can't really do that, because I am far from having watched all of those (and calling something moeshit just based on the description is wrong).

You would immediately call me out on false negatives, and well, can't really do anything about that due to see above.
File: 1389687611245.jpg (72.30 KB, 625x626)
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