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I'm looking for a good anime movie to DL and watch this week, peferably worksafe and entertaining that I might actually be able to Torrent in about 3 days. Any advice? Narufaggotry/bleashit can go fuck themselves, I want something worth fucking watching.
One Piece movie #6. It's hardly a One Piece movie at all, almost none of the shounen people have grown to love/hate is in it. Looks horribly but incredible animation and story more than make up for it.
Tokyo Godfathers
The Dog of Flanders, you's cry your eyes out for half the movie.
tenshi no tamago (angel's egg) if you like avant garde
metropolis if you like more mainstream

Is there even a sub for this? All I can find is the dubbed version and I've got no sound on my PC.
cowboy bebop movie, paprika, that movie with the time traveling bitch, princess mononoke if somehow you haven't seen that yet

>>that movie with the time traveling bitch

Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo/The Girl Who Leapt Through time. Get it right!

I can think of a shitload of movies. What genre do you want?
Whisper of the Heart.
>Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo/The Girl Who Leapt Through time

Is good movie. There are so many. My favorite is probably jin-roh, though I doubt thats "work safe" with people getting blown apart.
Seconding this.
Boku no Pico
Akira, Steamboy, Spirted away(but everyone has seen that....right?)

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