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Hello /a/. I don't often watch anime anymore, but I watched all thirteen episodes of Serial Experiments Lain yesterday. Can we talk about it?

Overall, I really enjoyed this series and I think it was oddly prophetic in many ways. I liked its commentary on the effects of technology on people and their relationships. My favorite aspect of the series was that so much is open to interpretation instead of being definitively told to the viewer, even if I didn't understand some of it (Why was KiDS even brought up? What was with that weird alien thing?). While SEL was confusing at times and requires you to buy into its logic, everything comes together to make a great experience.

What did you think? What were your favorite scenes? Pic related stuck out to me, I almost expected Lain to kill Taro or wipe his mind or something.
Wait, Lain is only 13 episodes? Huh. Maybe I should stop putting it off.
I'm surprised /a/ doesn't want to talk about it at all. I highly recommend it, it covers a lot of ground in just 13 episodes.
>/a/ doesn't want to talk about
We talk about it every fucking day. It gets boring after a while.

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