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There is a phenomenon that is occurring among our young people called “Otakuization” that is being perpetuated by Eastern media and Cultures, primarily Japan. This phenomenon has been taking place since the late 90’s to early 2000’s when Japanese animated features were at their most popular among the American population, especially young people, who are the most susceptible to succumbing to the imagery and ideas promoted within the animated medium. Countries like Japan have a vested economic and political interest in promoting parts of their culture within the west and, through their media and animation, try to cultivate an acceptance of cultural assertions among our youths, in broadcast stations and in our universities. The goal of a country like Japan is to gradually alter political discourse to favor them, and they start from the youngest members and the recently politically active in an attempt to play a long game. For example they tend and desire to covertly and insidiously promote certain liberal agendas. Shows like Azumanga Daioh (meaning “Azu-manga the Great King”) and High School Host Club are made for the purpose of promoting sexually liberal ethics and the LGBT lifestyle (Lesbianism in the case of Azumanga which is aimed toward young women). Since animation isn’t all primarily for children, shows like Serial Experiments Lain is featured in many Colleges and Universities in order to promote certain eastern philosophies in relation to the nature of reality and religion. Otakuization is the process in which a country like Japan promotes their cultural products in order to condition the population into accepting the agendas and philosophies they wish to instill for the purpose of manipulating us into fulfilling their economic and political goals. It is the will of the East to affect the western political landscape in the long run. Eastern media and the animation that is so frequently employed by them should be brought under scrutiny.
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You don't say?

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