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Looks like I'm actually scanlating this bitch, because it damn well didn't deserve to be dropped.
Anyhow, here's chapter 39, aka I Will Rape You with Love. Enjoy
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Cool. Group name?
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No group, it's just me.

In the french version she's called Ethika, as in the greek word for ethics. I think it made sense thematicly.

Will you post on MU or Batoto so it can be RSS'd?
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I know, I'm actually translating from the french since I don't know any moon whatsoever. I just went with Echika since that's what the previous english scanlation was using.

Sure, but I've never done this shit before. Can anyone just submit?
File: 052.jpg (892.04 KB, 1092x1600)
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File: 053.jpg (582.02 KB, 1103x1600)
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>I'm actually translating from the french since I don't know any moon whatsoever
You're doing god's work. I own the damn thing but I'm way too lazy to do what you're doing.
> I just went with Echika since that's what the previous english scanlation was using.
If you intend to do the whole thing the majority of the scanlation will be yours. You can establish your own conventions if you feel that the previous ones were in the wrong. No one will be mad about a slight change as long as it isn't some unjustified bullshit a la Eoten/Titan.
File: 054.jpg (662.13 KB, 1097x1600)
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You have to make an account (takes a minute), but after that you can submit. Just post as "No Group" on Batoto.
File: 055.jpg (853.18 KB, 1105x1600)
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Hmm, I might go with Ethika. Then again, the live action series has her character listed as Echika, so I guess the french translation might have taken some liberties..

File: 056.jpg (797.47 KB, 1093x1600)
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Cool, thanks.

Based anon delivers again.
File: 057.jpg (802.49 KB, 1105x1600)
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File: 058.jpg (946.94 KB, 1098x1600)
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Echika isn't wrong but I feel like just a litteral reading of エチカ. Of course there's no th kana in moon.
File: 059.jpg (900.63 KB, 1103x1600)
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900.63 KB JPG
Yeah, I just read it as a simple t-sound.

File: 060.jpg (734.88 KB, 1096x1600)
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Goddammit Kikuo
Ultimately it's all up to you.
I'm out because reading through vol.5 again would be like being punched in the gut for me.
Godspeed anon.
File: 061-062.jpg (2.21 MB, 2257x1600)
2.21 MB
2.21 MB JPG
Thanks mate.

>reading through vol.5 again would be like being punched in the gut
Pretty much this
File: 063.jpg (769.56 KB, 1109x1600)
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File: 064.jpg (791.09 KB, 1099x1600)
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Yeah, thanks for nothing Kikuo
First I've seen of this. Is it as full of suffering as it appears to be at first glance?
File: 065.jpg (920.61 KB, 1108x1600)
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920.61 KB JPG
And.. it's the end of chapter 39. Will Kikuo man up and do the right thing? No and no
>Is it as full of suffering as it appears to be at first glance?

Pretty much. Highly recommended, all the same.
Though based on this thread it sounds like it's been dropped by every other scanlation group?

Is it currently ongoing or has it been finished and nobody wants to complete the translation?
I don't have time for this kind of suffering. My heart needs healing, not suffering.
It's finished at 10 volumes. As far as I know, the only group doing it stopped at the beginning of vol 5 because it got licensed. Then it got released in french, and then nothing.

I only discovered it because some anon posted about it last week.
Does it end well? Or does he do the deed? I can't read it, lest Satan stare into my vanilla soul.
You gonna keep going and translate all 10 volumes? It's only half way there right now.

I can't take another engaging title with "last release date: 02-14-2011" that I know will never be fucking finished.
>does he do the deed?
The teacher guy? Or the MC?

Sure, I'm planning on doing the entire thing.
The teacher, who I assume is the MC. I want to read about the teacher guy since this is the only thing I've read about it, but if this is all tumbling down I can't force myself through it.
Alright, so I'm uploading to Batoto right now, but I noticed that the previous chapters aren't there. Eh.. Well, it's available on the other sites, so..

The teacher guy is just a side character, the MC is the guy listening to the story in the first page. The MC is pretty fucked up himself, but not quite at teacher guy's level.
How does it end? I need to know if it's good.
Teacher guy?
He goes through with the rape, they sell the movie and everything blows up in their faces. The girl ends up marrying him because she feels bad for his kids and because of a complicated martyr complex. The guy dies getting hit by a car trying to save the MC from committing suicide.

Actually, the main story is a hopeful one. There's just a lot of shit happening inbetween. Read it, damn you

It just means that no one's bothered to upload them. As long as they aren't scans of the English publications, you can post them.

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