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What does /a/ think of Dragon Ball Z?
I used to love it as a kid, but I've been rewatching it lately and it really isn't as awesome as I remembered
>all battles are powerlevel shit, no strategies
>all characters fight the same and their special attacks are either recolored kamehameha or ki balls
>Yamcha, Chiaotzu and Tien completely forgotten after the saiyan saga
>Krillin completely forgotten after the Frieza saga
>Piccolo completely forgotten after the Androids saga
>only saiyans can fight now (but only Goku wins, all other saiyans get jobbed)

I remember when the ability to fly was hot shit in DB.
Well, at least DB is still good
It's alright but it doesn't hold up very well. I'm currently rewatching it (I'm near the end of the frieza saga), I'm enjoying it but not nearly as much as I expected to considering I loved it as a kid. Seems like there's no reason to watch it now except nostalgia.

Also, it's too long. I know this is blasphemy but I feel like DBZ Kai is the way to go nowadays.
kai doesn't have superior Buu saga
It will. They're waiting for Funimation to finish the dub.
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>remember DBZ being extremely violent and gorey
>rewatch it
>the only actually bloody scenes were Goku and Raditz being pierced by Piccolo's attack, Frieza being cut in half and Tien losing his arm
>in all of those were was blood for half a second and suddenly their wounds stopped bleeding
for some reason Spanish speaking people love the shit out of DBZ
Saiyan Saga = Frieza Saga > Androids Saga > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >GT > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >shit > > > > > > > > > > > >Buu Saga.

Shit, back during the first two sagas literally everyone in my house watched DBZ, it was something almost religious, every weekday night at 8 pm we knew shit was going to go down.
Spanish speaker here, I indeed fucking loved it, was a big part of my childhood. Maybe it helps that we got a direct japanese to spanish dub.
I've been wanting to finally pick up the manga, after having put it off for years. Now I find out that Viz has like three different versions available, all with varying degrees of censorship.

>Single volumes with next to no censorship, beyond the large lips on black characters being altered to some extent

>Amazing quality VizBig volumes with three single volumes per book and color pages, but has a ridiculous amount of censorship

>New 3-in-1 versions with lower-grade paper quality, but apparently completely uncensored. However, volume one was supposedly "mistakenly" printed with the heavily censored material from the VizBig edition and will be fixed in a future reprint.

I bought the VizBig before discovering how bad the censoring was and promptly returned it. Now I can't decide if I want to track down the single volumes or wait for the corrected reprint of the new 3-in-1 volume one.
I reread the the whole manga last summer.
The pacing is way better and all the fights are much shorter.
due to this you actually see alot of strategy that gets swallowed by endless powering up and trading of ora ora style punches in the anime.
Daily reminder:

Coola isn't cannon and goku's mom is named Gine.

DB is a great anime.
Early DBZ was cool. Goku turns out to be an alien(which explains a lot), his older brother and the other saiyans coming to earth, epic battles with higher powerlevels, etc.
Frieza saga is when shit started to get boring. From now on, it's only about non-stopping, repetitive fights with multi-colored energy balls flying everywhere, but at least this saga was relevant to the story

Then, the end. Goku kills the most powerful being in the universe, the mastermind who killed his father, destroyed the homeland planet of his race and fucked up with hundreds of other planets and races. DBZ was kinda a reversed Star Wars, since Goku was from an evil race and had to become good in order to get strong enough to defeat the more powerful being in the universe and avange his very race.But well, wait....

>Mr. Toriyama, the series are profiting well, there's no way we can end the show now.

Then, Frieza's FATHER shows up, a saiyan from the future kills him easily, Goku misteriously learnt how to teleport and the organization Goku destroyed all alone as a kid somehow made various beings MORE POWERFUL THAN FRIEZA AND HIS FATHER TOGETHER.

Everything after Frieza was bullshit just for grabbing more money.
There is already a DBZ thread.

Yeah, but that one's all but dead.
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>buu saga
I remember hating Frieza saga when I was young for being so drawn out. I mean, Namek was supposed to explode in [insert incredibly inconveniently short amount] minutes for a full 15 episodes or something. The only things other than that that I remember from Namek was Ginyu Force, Bulma frog, Vageta death and resurrection, Super Saiyan Goku, Frieza gets cut in half and wastes Goku's gift of energy in a failed attempt at revenge.

After all that, the Android arc seemed like a new and exciting godsend for the series.

This is surely a valid point of view. Like I said, Frieza's saga was indeed boring, but at least it had some coherency and relevance for the story.

Everything after that, as exciting as it could have been, was arguably bullshit just for making more money from the (already finished) series.
I can see where you're coming from there. It really could've wrapped up there, but it kept going. And then GT happened.

I own the orange brick sets and just finished the Saiyan arc. I'm going to have to draw on all of my willpower to make it through the next two or three sets that are almost completely just the Frieza/Namek arc.

In all honesty, I prefer Dragon Ball to DBZ when it comes to the anime. I'll form an opinion regarding the manga once I figure out which version to pick up (I'm >>101430434).
So who's everyone's favorite DB/Z/GT character? I was always partial to Tien.
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There is no other correct answer.

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