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Have you ever solved a case before the end of an episode?
Only like, twice, and they were the early ones, and never by myself. I remember watching an episode where some guy is locked in a room and the killer pulled a key on a string into the guy's pocket with a string to make it look like he locked himself in there to commit suicide, and between my sister, brother and myself, we were able to figure it out. I don't remember anything else we got right though.
That's usually when I solve my cases.

I'm lazy like that.
Sure. That's the best part about Conan. Solving the case before he does. Complete with motive and method. Unfortunately motive is sometimes a grey area in which only the characters in the show have means to draw out.
Only one where they pulled a twin bullshit
I think it was killer butlers or something.
If I recall one of the twins had a scar on his hand
Where do I start with Conan?
Volume 48.
The beginning.
But the funny thing is that was the wrong deduction. That's not how it happened at all.
Quite a few. But none that required bullshit knowledge of Japan.
Not that guy but when conan said that was the wrong deduction I figured it out.

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