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File: banana pass.png (82.96 KB, 386x343)
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Would one be able to throw a basketball like a baseball and create a curve?

Also sports thread, discuss what shit could be pulled off and which techniques are asspulls *coughfull-court range*cough
maybe if basketball was played outside, and you put a really intense spin on your shot or pass the air resistance would be a curve on the ball. im really just repeating what i heard in One Outs lol
Maybe someone with big hands would be able to. I have baby hands and can't even grab a baseball normally.
What are you, 10?
I've never heard of an adult male that can't hold a baseball. They're not even that big.
I'm female.
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okay, ive always wondered what happened in this scene... maybe im dumb as fuck but kiyoshi was going for a dunk and it was a surefire dunk until his leg made him hesitate, allowing midorima to catch up and block him. what i dont get is what kiyoshi does to make midorima foul him, i realize he uses his right of postponement to switch to a layup but how does that force midorima to foul him? i was thinking maybe the arm movement switched the way his body was moving and bump into him, im not sure but little unexplained shit like this confuses me

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