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I've suffered from severe depression for most of my life and feel like I can't form meaningful connections with other people. Watching Eva when I was 14/15 was a revelatory experience because it was the first time anything had made me feel like somebody out there really understood the way I felt.

Since then only Welcome to the NHK and (/tv/ but whatever) The Sopranos have come close to recapturing that eureka moment of feeling this vicarious connection with an artist who really "gets it".

Are there any series/movies that have that kind of deep personal significance for anybody else? Any others that feel as personal, or have the same power to get under your skin as a viewer?
I dropped Welcome to the NHK after the first episode because I felt they were mocking the hikkikomori lifestyle. Is it worth watching or was I right in dropping it?
/a/ isn't your blog faggot.
Killing yourself is the best cure for depression.
Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo
It's self-mockery, not mockery from a distance. The show has a lot of compassion for Sato and the rest, but it doesn't hold back from giving them shit for what they do.
> make a thread for talking about Chinese cartoons that hold personal significance for people
> OP talks about a Chinese cartoon that holds personal significance to him
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Madoka Magica

And Tatami Galaxy since at the time I too am going through a quarter life crisis.
Haibane Renmei
You fucking retards.

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