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Is this worth a watch? I just finished all of the clusterfuck that was Black Lagoon and feel like watching something slower paced, it seems pretty interesting?

op is good, rest of the show is stupid shit.
It's terrible if you hate good things.
No it's pretty bad, watch k-on if you haven't seen it for example. Pretty calm.
Mushishi has tons of japanese jokes that are hard to understand without tons of insight into japanese culture (you would see instantly in the first few epsiodes)
It's THE slow paced show.

Kill yourself.

No, even better, kill him.
This has been in my backlog for three years and i finally started watching it a week ago in preparation for the new season.
Six episodes in so far and it's really really good, definitely go for it. I don't know about "slow", but it's episodic and relaxing.
Also I had fun downloading something from TT for the first time in forever.
Well I watched Spice & Wolf and liked that, is that kinda pace?
Each episode is completely self-conclusive. There isn't an overral plot or any sense of progression, the only thing that changes a little is the MC himself.
is he a cool bean like Lawrence?
just watch it dood
I'm downloading now, just virtually chewing the fat until it finishes downloading. I could start watching Cowboy but I'm not in the mood to start another rooty tooty pointy shooty show.
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oh yea? w-why dont you kill YOURSELF!?
You conception about Cowboy Bebot is quite inaccurate.
I still remember times when newfags with zero powerlevel would lurk before making threads, actually watching stuff instead of getting spoonfed.
>the clusterfuck that was Black Lagoon
times change, this place isn't like what it was.
If you have to ask "should I watch this?"

1) look it up on Wikipedia & read a synopsis
2) look it up on (insert generic anime review site here) and see what the ratings are and what people are saying about it

asking /a/ is the LAST thing you should do, and even then it's only acceptable after watching the first few episodes, to ask if anything really changes

is /a/ the first place you looked.asked? ABORT ABORT ABORT

fuck your laziness
I already did all this, I was merely promoting some discussion on the topic, I thought it'd be a change from the usual. Don't get so worked up about it.
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>I'm not in the mood to start another rooty tooty pointy shooty show.



I am a marathon type of guy.

I can only watch 2 episodes of mushishi every now and then before wanting to sleep, it's a great show but damm if it's slow.

I certainly had to pace myself with the show. I could only get through 3 or so episodes before I wanted to do something else. The whole season is spectacular though and I got lost in the whole setting, everything was incredibly well done and I genuinely felt like I was going on an adventure. Aside from the same face every now and then.
It's the Japanese anime of The Twilight Zone

Which means it's one of the best anime ever
There are lots of better ways to start a good thread. The way you phrased the OP is just begging to be shitposted into oblivion and I shouldn't have to explain why.
So lurk the fuck more, try again in a few days, and watch Mushishi, it's great.

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