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File: weiss-schwarz-logo.png (190.50 KB, 411x238)
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Weiss Schwarz thread

Just got into it and have to say I really like it. I'm not big on anime but is still is a pretty fun card game. ( Bakemonogatari Trial Deck )

/tg/ sent me to come here.

Anyone have any tips, information, etc?
Also, can anyone tell me the difference between white and black wings on the cards?
Thank you
Wait that thread is rather dead.
There's two sides, Weiss (white) and Schwarz (black). It's a bit more balanced in Japan, but since most of those series are niche only Madoka from the Weiss side has been released here. I have some imported cards but don't really get to play as this game itself is niche. You can find more info on sites like this as these kind of threads tend to die quickly. http://www.heartofthecards.com/ws/ http://weissschwarz.wikia.com/wiki/Wei%C3%9F_Schwarz_Wiki http://littleakiba.com/tcg/weiss-schwarz/
Thank you I got it now, this game has started to pick up in my area and I got offered to play and realized I was having a lot of fun with it.

Mainly because it's less money based than Magic.

Do you happen to have any tips on what exactly I should do with the bakemonogatari deck?

Seems very based on getting what you want out and attacking fast before the other player gets strong cards out.

Lastly, anyone know if Koyomi Araragi is anything to be ecstatic about? I got the signed version of that card.
Signed is a bit rarer I think, but yes anything signed or holographic is something to be happy about. You get a certain chance of getting one signed card per box (which is 6 trial decks or 20 booster packs per 1 box), although in one case I got an additional holographic card instead of a signed card.
Oooh nice hahah, what do you run?
Final and first shameless bump
If you're planning to use the BM set to change your deck than i'm assuming your going to play the experience mechanic which runs a lot of Level 3's. Pre-Nise I played Red Green Blue with 8 Level 3's (3 Senjou, 3 Suruga, 2 Tsubasa). Level 0 you should focus on Senjou Level 0 that becomes a 4k on the field with character encore if it is by itself, Mayoi suiciders, Support cards (Nadeko), and Mayoi brainstormer. Level 1 you can use the blue Koyomi & Senjou that combos with Soul+2 climax, Tsubasa Lv1 green support (very important card), 1-2 blue Tsubasa counters, and the last 3-4 cards is your choice. For level 2 you don't have to run much maybe a couple counters and tech like Mayoi 8k that gets +1k everytime a strange character attacks. Point of the deck is to just save stock until level 3 and drop all the boss cards when you get there.
Oh what that's actually really helpful. I'll try my best to follow your instruction at the PR.

I gotta win those boosters.
I'm preprogramed to ask what part of this takes place in Takehito Koyasu's assassin saga.
>Anyone have any tips,
Yes, go back to /tg/
File: 1390109587635.jpg (15.96 KB, 257x217)
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15.96 KB JPG
They sent me here since it's "you guys who would play this."

Can't begin to answer that.
I thought Bakemonogatari was a strange choice to release in English.

And then Bushiroad announced they were releasing Love Live cards in English.
They talked about releasing angel beats ( I like it despite its MANY flaws ) at the same time as SWO and Bakemonogatari. But then just didn't.

Now I understand that Love Live is next. Very strange choice indeed.

I thought they'd hit all the popular ones ( in the US ) over here first but nope.
>Bushiroad announces the simultaneous release of Japanese and English versions of Weiβ Schwarz titles for 2014:
>「Sword Art Online 2」, 「Angel Beats!」 and 「Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- ƒ 2nd」!

There's no release date for these in English or Japanese.

I assume the Angel Beats! set will be based around the 1st Beat VN, and will be named appropriately.
I'd be cool with that. I hope the Angel Beats! deck is good.

I'm planning on jumping on it as soon as it releases.
I played around with some AB cards in Weiss Schwarz portable.
That Lv3. Kanade was kind of fun with its "Exile characters it knocks out" ability.
No encore for you.
I want the kancolle set in english.
Oh that sounds fun hahah

I feel that one will take a bit. But apparently they're planning on picking up the rate that they port them over now. Even more so if it continues to catch on.
File: ws_today_b.jpg (189.19 KB, 350x489)
189.19 KB
189.19 KB JPG
This is todays' booster card.
File: ws_today_b.jpg (90.44 KB, 350x489)
90.44 KB
90.44 KB JPG
This is todays' no export for you card.
Eh not missing to much.
File: Untitled.jpg (77.07 KB, 539x420)
77.07 KB
77.07 KB JPG
Signed cards are always nice. The only signed card I have so far is a signed Gilgamesh, but I have another box that should be arriving tomorrow.
The very first card my brother got was a signed Kyoko.
What luck.
Is that the one that's selling for like $100?

I wish mine even had one online for sale so I could know how much I could sell it for. But not even one.
One sold two weeks ago for $51 on ebay.
Geez that's luck right there hahah
I'm really stunned at the fact that I can't find this card anywhere online.
BM/S15-TE101 TD - Motionless Silence, Koyomi Araragi ( Signed )
Wait, back the fuck up.

Weiss Schwarz has an English release?
Yeah, for a bit now I believe.
They released:
sword art online TD/booster packs
madoka magica TD/booster packs
fate zero TD
desigia TD
fate zero booster packs
hatsune miku TD
Bakemonogatari / Booster packs on the 14th

2009 - Disgaea TD
2012 - Madoka and F/Z TDs
2013 - SAO, Vocaloid TDs; Madoka, F/Z, SAO, Vocaloid boosters
2014 - Bakemonogatari TD

February - Bakemonogatari boosters
May - Love Live TD, boosters

Later - Simultaneous English/Japanese releases of SAO 2, Angel Beats, Vocaloid 2
That's because it shouldn't exist. Can you take a picture?
File: 1369613017702.jpg (56.12 KB, 346x341)
56.12 KB
56.12 KB JPG
I understand they made the English Disgaea set without including any Prinny cards.
WTF dood?
File: koyomi.png (772.46 KB, 627x789)
772.46 KB
772.46 KB PNG
Wha? I think it's supposed to be here though.

5000 power, 1 soul power, Strange Blood

Motionless Silence, Koyomi Araragi

I can't find a single one online.
Here's the Japanese one. English will probably be higher

Thank you so much, I wish there was an english one being sold so I could translate a better price.

That's going for about $20 do in the US maybe like $30?
thats hot.
I hope we get KLK deck here in the US.

anyone else have weeb shorts at their card shop?
A place near me has it and also does vanguard. I used some normal sleeves and playmat, and I got funny looks.
I don't even have a mat, and for the longest time I didn't have sleves or a deck box. i got some cringes from the room. but people in Omaha are really nice.

where the hell are you that they stare at you for having normal mats?
When everyone in the room has anime shit on their sleeves and playmats, you tend to be the odd man out. A few of the people there copied where I put my deck and graveyard which I thought was funny.
why, was it a unique placement?
Not really. Guess they just liked it.
Where do you live? There's a decent amount of people playing this game now in some areas.

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