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What the fuck is this shit?

11/10, so frustrated Kircheis came back to live and raped me in the asshole.
Just wait. It's not rage time yet.
Goddamnit, I've been putting off LoGH forever, however, recently I've started to feel like I'm probably missing something crucial for my own fulfillment as a human being.

Sadly, though, as my current circumstances are shit, I only got a limited speed internet connection over Android, so torrenting the whole fucking thousand episodes or however many there were would take forever.

Without stoning me to death, can you guys tell me if there's ANY place I can stream the entirety of LoGH in passable quality?

Seriously, it's pretty decent. My Conquest was in beautiful quality and I think the rest of the episodes are on there too.
Ah, thanks, found a playlist.

Also, does this show, seeing as it has a fuckton of episodes, have any watch order shenanigans I should look out for?
Like >>101420099 said, all of LoGH is on YT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-CNBZj36pbc&list=PLNyY2F1OurUbDBCtILijHYI52YAiIvSX5&index=1 Watch in the Playlist's order. My Conquest, Overturer, 1-110, then the Gaidens if you'd like. Skip Golden Wings if you want to live.

I've actually rewatched it all on YT. Quality is perfectly fine (better than the LDs people originally watched it on any rate)

As what LoGH will do to you, it was magic for me. I feel that, as you said, I've fulfilled something required of me. But I also feel empty now that it's over, and no work of fiction from anime, to movie, to novel, will match it in scale.

LoGH is a bittersweet ride that I wished would never end. But when it was finally done it left the most satisfyingly unique aftertaste, I must have sat there for 10-20 minutes after just contemplating "What next?"

There's nothing else quite like it. At the start it can be a little bumpy, but by episode 26 (the end of the first "season") you'll be hooked. And by 110 you'll truly appreciate it's meaning and it's quality.
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You're gonna carry that weight.
I watched Golden Wings and it was not awful.
Thank you. Now I just need to stock up on supplies as soon as I get my next paycheck so I can marathon the first season. Gotta go into this prepared.
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I feel so jealous of you right now.
>implying Ravages isn't just a superior version of LOGH in every aspect from realism to over the top silliness

LOGH was the greatest of it's time at what it does for sure, but it's outdated now and belongs in the classic section.

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